A Smooth Process Increases Manufacturing Confidence for MSC

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A Smooth Process Increases Manufacturing Confidence for MSC

Muscadine Products Corporation (MPC) manufactures a variety of muscadine-derived products including powders, juices and jellies. Prior to discovering InstantGMP MES, the company used what Erin Boettger, Quality Assurance Director, describes as a “loose paper system”. “We had checklists, logs and loose paper everywhere. It was difficult to track. Being in an environment where we produce juice, it was difficult to keep everything clean as well, “says Boettger.

Since MPC implemented InstantGMP in October of 2014, the challenge of keeping track of loose papers is over. “It’s all right there in the system,” says Boettger. “We can just grab a Surface Pro 2 tablet to view data and sign off on batches.” The improved traceability ensures that processes are being followed and signed off on in real-time and in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Even prior to implementing InstantGMP, MPC has been committed to creating quality products. InstantGMP provides extra assurance that proper procedures are followed. “InstantGMP increases our confidence in the quality of our products and our production records,” says Boettger.

About InstantGMP

InstantGMP, Inc. develops cloud-based electronic batch record software, SOPs that reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices, and also offers process consulting services. These software systems were developed to meet standards specific to the pharmaceutical industry and were recently updated for the Dietary Supplement industry and for the manufacturing of E-Liquids. Please visit the Resource Center at InstantGMP.com for articles, videos and tutorials on GMP compliance.

About Muscadine Products Corporation

Muscadine Products Corporation (MPC) is a family owned business built on a legacy of six generations of agricultural production and leadership. MPC currently produces phytochemically-rich muscadine nutraceutical powders to offer manufacturers in the cosmetics, functional foods, dietary supplements and botanical industries anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory rich powders. MPC also produces and markets muscadine juices to the natural juice and wine industries.