InstantGMP Welcomes Insane Labz to Enhanced Manufacturing Excellence

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InstantGMP Welcomes Insane Labz to Enhanced Manufacturing Excellence

CARY, N.C. January 23, 2024, Electronic Batch Record Software Helps Insane Labs Create Their Supplements. InstantGMP™,
the leader in software systems that capture your manufacturing, inventory, and quality data, is excited to announce its newest client, Insane Labz®, a renowned nutritional supplement company.

Known for its horror-themed products, Insane Labz has taken a significant step in ensuring product quality and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance by investing in InstantGMP PRO software.

Initially relying on third-party co-packers, Insane Labz established its own manufacturing facility in 2014, demonstrating a commitment to producing high-quality products in an FDA-registered, cGMP-certified facility. To accomplish this goal, the company invested in InstantGMP PRO software.

InstantGMP PRO provides Insane Labz with an end-to-end integrated manufacturing/inventory/quality system that enables precise control over formulation, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and product distribution.

This all-in-one software solution ensures strict adherence to FDA regulations and GMP standards throughout the entire production process through a diverse array of innovative features and specialized modules:

Electronic Batch Record Software (EBR)

The EBR feature revolutionizes the handling of Master Production Records (MPR) and Batch Production Records (BPR), placing control at the fingertips of Insane Labz operators. With a user-friendly interface, operators can effortlessly access, view, track, and update essential project components, including the project synopsis, materials information, documents, testing process results, and manufacturing instructions. The EBR’s integration not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors. Additionally, the EBR feature facilitates real-time updates, allowing operators to make instant modifications to project elements. This agility ensures that any alterations in the development phase are promptly reflected in production, fostering adaptability and responsiveness.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

With this feature, Insane Labz can guarantee the accuracy and quality of its inventory processes, empowering
operators to maintain meticulous control over every facet of the inventory lifecycle. This module also contributes to profitability by streamlining operations, reducing inefficiencies, and minimizing the risk of errors. Plus, operators can ensure compliance with regulations as the IMS allows for thorough tracing, monitoring, and recording of inventory activities, creating an accurate audit trail for regulatory purposes.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Insane Labz quality assurance professionals can utilize the integrated QMS to access and control all necessary
documentation related to deviation tracking, root cause identification, and investigations, ensuring a more systematic approach to quality assurance. The QMS also serves as a centralized platform for managing specifications, enabling meticulous verification of incoming raw materials, and ensuring the highest quality standards of Insane Labz outgoing finished products.

Derek Mathis, Quality Manager of Insane Labz, expressed his enthusiasm for this software solution by stating, “InstantGMP PRO has revolutionized our manufacturing processes. It enhances our inventory control, streamlines production, and elevates the overall quality of our products while ensuring unwavering GMP compliance.”

InstantGMP encourages manufacturers to learn more about our innovative all-in-one manufacturing/inventory/quality system.

Contact the InstantGMP Sales Team for a live demonstration and discover how this software can improve your manufacturing processes.

About InstantGMP™, Inc.

Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Richard Soltero,
InstantGMP, Inc. offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing, inventory, and quality software. The company develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and standard operating procedures specific to industries that are required to follow FDA manufacturing regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”).

As a manufacturing software company, InstantGMP™ pioneered accessible, easy-to-use electronic
batch record software for products manufactured using GMPs. The Company’s updated software simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes that keep all quality documentation organized in electronic format while providing quality checks and workflow processes to make compliance with FDA requirements easy.