What is InstantGMP Vape?

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What is InstantGMP Vape?

InstantGMP Vape is a web-based manufacturing execution software system specifically designed for
the production of e-liquids for vaping products. It is the first software system ever created to ensure trusted quality in the e-liquid industry. InstantGMP™ Vape provides the documentation and control benefits of Good Manufacturing practices (GMP) regulated processes without users having to be IT experts or GMP gurus.

Features include:

Material Control – Part numbers are automatically assigned and vendors need to be qualified before materials are purchased.

Specifications Control – Each specification must be approved.

Master Production Records – Meet all documentation requirements.

Inventory can also be easily tracked with InstantGMP™ Vape. Security roles and settings are completely under your control and audit logs can be easily accessed.

A full set of Standard Operating Procedures specific to e-liquid manufacturing is also available.

Request a demo if you’d like more information on how InstantGMP Vape protects the quality of your e-liquid every batch, every time.