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Keeping sensitive data secure is a top priority. All InstantGMP software has built in security functions. Security can be configured for each screen by an administrator and access to sensitive data is prevented. Since InstantGMP is cloud-based software, we receive many questions about security:

How is the data center physically secured?
The data center where the hosting servers reside are physically located
within the confines of the parent company, PharmaDirections.  There is
only one entrance and no windows.  It is a separate, secured,
environmentally controlled area that is always locked.  Only authorized
IT personnel have access.

Is there power redundancy at the server location?
All application and database servers have redundant power supplies and are maintained under support contracts to cover software updates, as well as next business day availability for replacement parts.

How are the systems backed up?
All InstantGMP data is stored on a redundant storage system using RAID with hot spare drives. In addition, the storage server features redundant power supplies and storage processors. The storage server is maintained with a support agreement which covers software upgrades and next business day availability for replacement parts. All data is backed up nightly.

How many security breaches have occurred?
There have been no security breaches in 9 years of operation.

If you have any other questions about InstantGMP software, please contact us for visit our FAQ.

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