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Let’s take a look at the language of the InstantGMP software. You see them on our website, in our training materials and in the software itself – the manufacturing world uses a lot of abbreviations! We’ve defined a few of them for you here:


21 CFR Part 11FDA regulations covering security electronic signatures and audit trails
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARAdministrator Rights
BOMBill of Materials
BPRBatch Production Record
cGMPCurrent Good Manufacturing Practices
CoACertificate of Analysis
CRNCenter for Responsible Nutrition
DBADMDatabase Administrator
DSHEADietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
EBRElectronic Batch Record
FDAFood and Drug Administration
FGFinished Good
GAMPGood Automated Manufacturing Practices
GLPGood Laboratory Practices
GMPGood Manufacturing Practices
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ITInformation Technology
MBRMaster Batch Record
MESManufacturing Execution Software
MMFMaster Manufacturing Formula
MPRMaster Production Record
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheets
PMProject Manager
ReqRequisition, Purchase Order
QMQuality Manager
QAQuality Assurance
QSRQuality System Regulation
SOPStandard Operating Procedures
WIPWork in Progress
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