InstantGMP: Serving Regulated Industries for 20 years

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InstantGMP: Serving Regulated Industries for 20 years

InstantGMP Inc. is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of dedicated service to regulated industries. This milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on how our extensive experience and innovative approach have set us apart in the market.


What Makes InstantGMP Stand Out?

Compliance by Design:

Our journey began as a production project for our sister company, PharmaDirections ( Recognizing the need for a new systems approach, we reimagined the industry framework. Using the actual Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) as our blueprint, we embedded their specific requirements directly into our software. This visionary infrastructure, designed for compliance and production efficiency, continues to be the foundation of our feature set today.


Built Differently:

Unlike other providers, which may focus solely on documents or quality systems, InstantGMP offers an all-in-one, bottom-up approach. Our system integrates facilities, equipment, full-quality system workflows, document control, and learning management. We provide modular combinations from our comprehensive suite for those seeking to build automation incrementally.


User-Friendly System:

No prior GMP experience is required to use InstantGMP, although it can be beneficial. We’ve adopted a compliance method similar to TurboTax, guiding users through the system intuitively. Additionally, every license includes an expert training program to ensure our customers are well-equipped to use our software effectively.


Implementation Assistance:

While we don’t offer complementary consulting services or GMP certification, we provide on-demand implementation assistance to configure our software to meet specific needs. For those seeking additional resources, we offer for further research.


Focused on Serious GMP Segment:

In the vast SaaS landscape, we concentrate on the serious GMP segment. We strive to act as buyer facilitators, helping prospects make informed and satisfying choices.


Educational Resources:

Education is a cornerstone of our approach. We offer numerous instructive videos on our recently redesigned website (, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Our publications detail how we address and satisfy regulatory challenges worldwide. Additionally, a comprehensive “wiki” is in all our applications providing hands-on user guidance.


Adaptability and Innovation:

Our systems are configurable to extend their operational range and useful life. We frequently offer upgrades based on user feedback and requests and continuously develop new features to improve operations within the regulated space.


Over the past 20 years, we have reinvested in our learnings from customers, markets, competitors, and ourselves. This cumulative knowledge uniquely positions us to serve regulated industries effectively. If you are exploring system benefits or seeking to understand compliance systems better, we invite you to reach out to us at