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InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.006.001                   

New Functionalities

  • New Equipment Log workflow and data.
  • View a list of all equipment, their status and summary information on a single screen.
  • Manage the calibration and preventative maintenance (PM) of each equipment
  • Record the calibration, PM and other activities both directly and from within a batch production record (BPR).
  • Create and print equipment labels, calibration labels and PM labels.
  • Use bar code scanners to identify equipment and to open relevant screens.
  • Manage the status of equipment and to control their availability for use based on status.
  • Automatically change equipment status when out-of-PM or out-of-Calibration date occurs.
  • Send automatic reminders of Calibration and/or Maintenance to selected users.
  • Identify an equipment’s use in a BPR and allow the system to automatically update the Equipment Activity Log with the corresponding activity with date/time stamp of the user.
  • Integrate documents with Document Manager.


  • When Deleting ALL “Equipment”, “Materials”, “In process Tests” or “Manufacturing Instructions” in an MPR, the system will now ask for confirmation prior to deleting them.
  • Whenever Versioning up an MPR, the “Reason for Change” field is kept open until the MPR is approved.
  • The equipment selection feature on the MPR’s “Equipment” now includes more data on the screen to facilitate visualization of equipment information.


  • The Document Management System now checks for Uniqueness of Document Title and/or Document ID prior to confirmation of a new document.
  • Hidden materials are no longer shown when selecting materials on the MPR’s Materials tab.
  • For customers created after April of 2017 there was an error when using the Un-Lock function on an MPR. This error prevented the Approval of the MPR after an Unlock was confirmed. This has been fixed.



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