InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.005.001

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.005.001


Inventive New Feature from InstantGMP, Inc.: Document Management System Integrated with Electronic Batch Records

Over the next two weeks InstantGMP™ will be updating your software to Version 3.005.001.This update will include the new Document Management System (DMS). Please see the attached video for a preview of the updates the document management system will provide.  This update will take place after hours. If this will impact your operations, please let me know in writing as soon as possible. Once the update occurs, a new choice will appear in the menu bar as shown below:

New Functionalities

  • New Document Management Module
    • Manage documents or files within the InstantGMP application
    • Review, approve and version up any type of file, e.g. Word, Excel, image, video
    • Link documents to Master Production Records
    • See flagged MPR linked documents that have been versioned up on the MPR summary screen
    • Quickly version up MPRs that are linked to new controlled documents
    • New Document Manager Role created
    • Allows multiple user to review and approve controlled documents
    • Embedded approval workflows with email notifications
    • Classifications, types and tags used to help organize and search documents.
    • Document Statuses and Work Flows built into the application


  • Aligned Material Type on Material Creation screen for a constancy on how the information is displayed across the application


  • Under certain cases, BPRs attached documents weren’t visible
  • Fixed Pdf version for Specifications where the signature date overrode the name of the signature.