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New Functionalities

  • Materials and inventory can now be imported from a spreadsheet that is downloadable from the application. This new functionality allows users to easily transition their inventory information from legacy systems to the InstantGMP™ Inventory Management solution. The solution includes import of:
    • Materials
    • Specification version placeholders with automatic signatures that reference paper specs OR for further definition and signature within IGMP
    • Inventory Status, Purchase Orders, Receipt IDs and Inventory On-Hand


  • In order to simplify the process of copying data from one MPR to another, when selecting “COPY MFG STEPS FROM ANOTHER MPR,” we’ve added filters to the selection table for all data available on the MPR Selection screen.
  • We renamed the Dynamic Fields main definition screen for a more intuitive identification.
  • We’ve updated the rules that trigger the Production Date on a BPR as follows:
    • When any data is entered into the following fields is confirmed:
      • Result
      • Comment
      • Deviation
    • When inventory is used in any step
    • When the Operator or Verifier sign a step


  • Specification sampling instructions are word-wrapped and no longer truncated on the PDF.


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