InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.002.001

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InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.002.001


Last week we previewed the newest additions to InstantGMP™! In this post, you will find specific information about the new functionalities, improvements, and fixes in our latest version, 3.002.001:

New Functionalities

  • When receiving materials, users can create Multiple Receipts from one requisition
  • After receiving materials, users can Split a receipt into Multiple Lots
  • Now users can export data to Excel, including filtered results of the following summary screen information:
    • Personnel
    • Vendor
    • Bin Location
    • Materials
    • Specifications
    • Requisitions
    • Pending Receipt
    • Inventory
    • MPR
    • BPR
  • Users can print Bin Location labels and scan them to move inventory.
  • Now Inventory Management records and displays use of Material, change of Location, change of Status and split in to Receipt #.


  • Documents attached to MPR’s and BPR’s instructions now open in a new window
  • Quarantine report was eliminated as this data can be exported to excel from Inventory
  • Equipment Report eliminated as data can be directly exported to excel
  • Role toggle font readability improved.
  • New naming schema for all Export to Excel files for easy identification.
  • Material Receipt changed to Pending Receipt
  • Automatically exited from BPR instruction steps after last step is confirmed.
  • Added ability to sort by dates on tables.


  • BPR PDF was truncating certain fields
  • Under some circumstances on Material History the line remaining quantity was incorrectly calculated
  • Some minor spelling errors