InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 4.003.001

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 4.003.001

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 4.003.001

System Release Compliance Report for v4.003.001

New Features

  • User Dashboard on Home Screen
  • Users can access a HOME screen where they can see a summary of their activities or a summary of another user’s activities.
  • Users can select from a list of menu items that can be added or removed from the page to show only the activities from the selected items.


  • Copy Vendors and Unit Conversions when Specifications are versioned up.
  • Add “In-training” and “Obsolete” as statuses for documents in DMS.
  • Record Period Review in document History Log.
  • Allow Signatures on MTO with MPR/BPR Access Setting On.
  • Prevent Zero as Document Version #.


  • MPR and BPR summary pages loading slowly
  • Text from the Product Impact field is not transferring to the cover page for Incident Impact/Risk Assessment in QMS records
  • Delete function in Training log tabs does not refresh
  • MTO batches do not appear in the Product Lot Traceability Report
  • Incorrect units for Production Lot Traceability Reports
  • Inventory History Unit not correct when custom units used
  • Add “Use By” date to all Scan and Get Weight functions
  • Miscalculations on requisitions
  • Green Check for BPR Steps Not Needed should be grey check
  • UPDATE button Missing on HTbTrainingLog01 Screen
  • Error Adding Doc to InstantGMP DMS from Vendor Management
  • Copied Requisition Do Not Create Pending Receipts
  • Export to Excel Button Missing on Inventory History Screen
  • Inventory Value and History Report Pulling From Wrong Table with Custom Units
  • Dynamic Fields can be altered in approved MPRs