InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.201

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.201

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.201

System Release Compliance Report for v3.017.201

New Functionalities 

  • A new mechanism to time events in BPRs has been added. This allows users to start and stop a clock multiple times on a manufacturing step and to record all the partial times as well as a total elapsed time.
  • Reviewers are now independent of the Approvers on the Document Management System. If there are no reviewers selected, then the review process is skipped and only the Approve process is used.  This adds more flexibility for those users that need only the Approve process.
  • An Export to Excel functionality was added to the Batch Production Record summary screen.


  • Documents on any MPR or BPR can be updated to the latest document version during any time of the process.
  • Users can select multiple requisitions from the Requisition screen and approve them with just one signature.
  • A timestamp has been added to all the MPRs and BPRs printout showing the time it was printed/generated.
  • New options for Production Lot traceability and Vendor Lot traceability were added to include Picklist and Shipping Manifest usage.
  • The Inventory Manager role permission for Specification Approval was removed. Now only Quality Managers and/or Quality Operators can approve the Material Specification.
  • A new workflow for integrated scales was added to the BPR Manufacturing Instructions that allows users to record material usage on a step when removing material from a container.
  • Disabled PMs and QMs will no longer be automatically added to new projects.
  • Document Managers can update the “Review Date” of a Document on the DMS at any time.
  • Hidden projects will not be shown on any screen that calls for projects.


  • Under certain special circumstances, the Personnel badge ID were not unique.
  • The “Close Batch” button was not displayed after the Batch was unlocked and locked again.
  • The Audit Log “SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL” button appeared only after the first approver signed.
  • The Excel export of the “Materials Nearing Retest Date” report had code instead of the name for Status.
  • The “ADD BATCH TO INVENTORY” needed permission for the new materials selection.
  • Some minor misspelling errors.