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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.102

System Release Compliance Report for v3.017.102

New Functionalities

  • New barcode scanning workflows were added to the Picklist
  • New labels are now available for each material dispensed in a Picklist.
  • A new Monthly Training Compliant report was created where each user (and their supervisors) can receive a monthly email with their training progress.
  • A configuration feature was added where a Company now can start their Document Version on 0 (zero) instead of 1 (one)


  • Material Planning calculations was updated to ignore “Rejected” materials and include Shipping Manifests.
  • A “Status” column was added to the Materials Nearing Retest Date report.
  • A new Order Fill Date field was added to the Shipping Manifest.


  • Under certain conditions, when signing a manufacturing instruction, the Inventory usage min/max was not checked previous to the signature, forcing the user to generate a Deviation to correct the problem.
  • When a BPR attachment was added to the cover page, the other attachments in the BPR were not printed in the BPR printout.
  • On version 3.017.101 we introduced an error where BPR Number starts with .002 instead of .001
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