InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.101

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.101

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.017.101

System Release Compliance Report for v3.017.101

New Functionalities

  • Make to Order Batches – Allows users to create a fully flexible Make to Order batch production record (MTO BPR), to modify the MTO BPR during use as a batch record, to record data into the MTO BPR, and to save the MTO BPR as a new Master Record on demand
  • The Inventory Label design can now have multiple approved versions and users can switch between them.
  • A “Ship to:” address was added to the Requisition Printout.
  • A “Copy” function was added to Forms


  • The Printouts of MPRs and BPRs now include Cover attachments, Documents and File Attachments as part of the PDF printout, as long as the Documents and attachments are either PDF or Word Documents
  • A Bin Location can be selected during the receipt of Inventory
  • The Depleted Inventory upload performance was increased to match the Inventory Management Screen
  • Duplicate E-Mails sent out each time a new LMS curriculum is added were eliminated
  • An overall percentage of assigned training completion is shown for each user in the Training Log
  • A “Hide” feature was added to Personnel screen
  • Estimated and Total Cost of materials were added to BOM on MPRs and BPRs
  • The SaasAnt Export spreadsheets for QuickBooks integration were updated
  • A Document ID was added to the Search Panel on the Document Management System.
  • In order to improve readability, the “Requisition Requested By” column in Inventory Management was hidden


  • The permissions for the Form Copy function were updated
  • Special characters in the MPRs/BPRs name caused errors when printing the PDF
  • There was an error in the calculated value on the last column of the Inventory Value Report