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InstantGMP Release Notes for v3.017.001

System Release Compliance Report for v3.017.001

New Functionalities

  • A new “Copy” functionality was added to the Quality Management System module for copying Forms.
  • A new Integration mechanism with QuickBooks was created using a third-party software. This allows requisitions and current receipts to be imported on a daily basis with more information. This new mechanism supports both QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


  • Printouts of MRPs and BPRs now include the attached documents at the end as long as the attached documents/files are PDFs or Word documents. Word documents will be converted to PDFs before being attached.
  • When copying a trainee on the Training Log, the system now asks for confirmation before the copy function occurs.
  • Requisitions can have a new “Ship to” contact and a “Bill to” contact that can be changed during the creation/authorization process.
  • The Vendor Management system now allows a user to choose an effective date
    instead of the system assigning an effective for the document that is approved and automatically added to the Document Management System.
  • The amount of white spaces on the BPRs printout has been reduced to create a more compact document.


  • Incident Report PDF showed “Deviation” instead of “Incident” in field names.
  • Splitting a lot that also has pending amounts removed the split amount from the pending receipt.
  • ‘mg’ to ‘kg’ conversion was incorrect.
  • The Scan button on the BPR summary page did not open the cover page of the selected batch.
  • BPR Manufacturing Instructions attachments could not be downloaded.
  • User with “admin” rights could not hide equipment under setup.
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