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InstantGMP Release notes for version 3.016.001                      10/13/2020

 New Functionalities

  •  You can now add to each client a signed and versioned Client’s Terms and Conditions document that can be printed out or automatically attached to a Shipping Manifest.
  • You can now add to each vendor a signed and versioned Vendor’s Terms and Conditions document that can be printed out or automatically attached to a Requisition
  • New Specifications Printout now concatenates the Specification header with all documents associated with a specification including Documents from Document Management System.
  • Now you can automatically email approved requisitions to your Purchase department and/or Vendor including detailed Material Specifications of all materials and Vendor’s Terms and Conditions
  • Now you can automatically email approved/shipped Shipping Manifest directly to your clients including detailed Material Specifications for all materials and Client’s Terms of Services.
  • New Colorado’s Metrc integration.
  • New Inventory History report allows to show Actions applied to Inventory.
  • A new Dashboard functionality that allows default behavior for not-Approved material Use can limit usage to QM only.


  •  Requisition print-out now includes Requestor, Approver/Remote Approver signatures
  • Requisition screen now show a Subtotal Cost per line and a Total Cost for each requisition.
  • We’ve added “Needed By” field on Pending Receipts screen
  • We’ve added a new Subtotal Cost on each Requisition material, as well as a Total value of the Requisition, the same column was added to the email sent for remote approval.
  • Updated California’s Metrc integration based on new California’s requirements.
  • Add confirmation before deleting a file on Vault.
  • Automatic e-mail sent to trainees participating in a Group after an assignment is made in a Training Group.
  • Now MPR can be set-up in order to make Result field in BPR optional.
  • New workflow for MPR/BPRs was modified that whenever a BPR is created from the MPR summary screen now the system takes you directly to the BPR.
  • Updated Inventory Value Report now can be used to pull financial information on inventory transactions.
  • Now, the EXPORT to QB APP only export “Approved” Requisitions
  • Now user ADM can have same e-mail as another user.
  • Any role can now print Documents directly from the Document Management summary screen.
  • A new Review Date field was added to the Document Management screen.
  • Added Catalog # and Vendor Part # to Pending Receipt and Inventory Management summary screen.
  • A new workflow was added so whenever On HWbHMaterialClassification screen, clicking cancel will return to HWWMATERIAL screen.
  • An Expiry Date column was added the Depleted Inventory screen.


  • Nearing expiry date and retest dates reports incorrectly calculated the time.
  • MRP Manufacturing Instructions PDF was cutting off end of line when wrapping paragraph.
  • Equipment Log Export showed equipment Type Code instead of Type Name.
  • Attachment uploaded in Incident – Incident Impact/Risk Assessment tab didn’t show up.
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