InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.007.102 & 3.008.001

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InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.007.102 & 3.008.001

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.007.102                     


To improve the user experience, we have changed the workflow associated with the “Forgot your password” on the login screen. The email has been moved from the email queue to an immediate delivery mode.

InstantGMP™ Release Notes for Version 3.008.001                     

New Functionalities

  • Specifications, Requisitions and Inventory can be assigned to a project.
  • New filters have been added on appropriate screen to filter by Projects.
  • New Retest Date and Expiry Date fields were created. The system automatically flags when those dates are past due.
  • When Materials exceed their expiry date, the system can automatically change the status from an approved status to a quarantine or reject status.
  • New workflow for BPRs Review: User can now “un-lock” locked BPRs and can reject them at any time. All review activities will be record in a new history on the BPR Review tab.
  • A new button on the BPR Manufacturing Instruction now allows a user to scan and get a Tare Weight and a Gross Weight and then calculate the Net Weight and record that on the Manufacturing Instruction weight table automatically.
  • Two new BPR labels have been created: a production label and a QC label.
  • When an oWIP or FG batch is added to inventory, the Vendor Lot # is automatically populated with the Batch Number.
  • A new option for custom reports that can be delivered by email has been added.


  • The Inventory Import file has been updated to accommodate for the new fields on Materials, Specifications, and Inventory.
  • Material’s labels have the option to indicate “1 of X Containers”.


  • Minor spelling errors.
  • Minor privilege adjustments for the “Administrator” flag on Personnel.