InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.007.001

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InstantGMP™ Release notes for version 3.007.001

New Functionalities

  • New Room Log workflow and data
    • Integrated with Master and Batch Records for easy Room Status access and logs
    • Automatic reminders of weekly and monthly cleaning
    • Integration with Document Manager
    • New overall Room Status
    • Automatic Room Change of status after cleaning is due.
    • Improved overall visual information on Room statuses
  • New “Export to Excel” button on Equipment Logs
  • In order to minimize mistakes on the execution of BPRs we’ve created a new error message on MPRs that is triggered when Equipment are selected to be used on a step, but there are no equipment selected on the Equipment Tab.
  • A new Advance Audit Log mechanism was introduced that logs all changes made to the data including SQL commands.
  • A new button was added on Inventory History that allows attachments to be added or updated for each inventory item. Links to the attachments are now included on the header of the Inventory History screen.
  • We’ve simplified the login process; it is no longer necessary to select the user role when login into the system.
  • A Use By Date field was created on the BPR cover and is transferred to the Inventory item when the batch is added to inventory.
  • A new Batch label was created. This label can be scanned to open up the corresponding Batch Production Record.


  • Inventory usage is included on BPR print outs regardless of where it was required or not in the MPR.
  • Increased the Product # column on Inventory Management to 60 character long to match the length of Product # on BPR’s Cover.
  • Due to a limitation on the Microsoft operating system, the name of attached files has to be restricted by not allowing certain characters to be used. A message describing the limitations is next to each file attachment function.
  • When copying steps from another MPR: if an equipment is used on the original step that does not exist on the new MPR, then the equipment is not copied into the corresponding manufacturing instruction.


  • Under a particular combination of steps taken on the BPR instructions, the screen showing the equipment log freezes and the user was forced to refresh the screen. This has been corrected.
  • When formulas on Dynamic Fields where longer than 40 characters the MPR printout (PDF) was truncating the formula.
  • On Firefox the “Test Dynamic Fields” button didn’t show the proper screen. This screen was redesigned.
  • When importing Inventory the application didn’t import material if it found a partial match of the material’s name. Now a complete name match is used before importing.