InstantGMP™ PRO’s Latest Release Plans For The Future

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InstantGMP™ PRO’s Latest Release Plans For The Future

A software developer verifying that the latest version of InstantGMP PRO software’s Detailed Design Specifications are functioning properly.

From inception to creation to release, InstantGMP™ PRO’s goal was to execute all the necessary Good Manufacturing Practices processes via stand-alone software. Years later, InstantGMP™ PRO software continues to stand alone as the all-in-one GMP software solution for manufacturers, developers, formulation groups, and researchers. Thanks to our innovative platform, facilities can easily perform all necessary GMP processes to ensure accuracy and compliance. And they can do so without incurring the costs and potential issues associated with relying on multiple software systems. 

With each release of InstantGMP™ PRO, our team enhanced the software’s existing functionality and added new benefits. While preparing to develop the latest release of PRO, our team stepped back and took a long, hard look at the system to identify where any and all improvements could be made. 

When they discovered that a new release of GeneXus (the 4th generation language software our developers use to write the code for InstantGMP™ PRO software) was available, they realized their new goal: Write the next release of InstantGMP™ PRO using the latest version of GeneXus software. 

The decision to rewrite the entire code for our bestselling, groundbreaking software opens the door for many new opportunities that can benefit our products and our customers. That being said, this project also presented a new set of challenges for our team. 

In the following article, we’ll look at the benefits of rewriting our software with the latest version of GeneXus 4GL, the challenges of doing so, and how detailed design specifications ensured that the next release of InstantGMP™ PRO software performed as designed. 

Using New Software to Create New Software 

Writers and software developers both rely on languages for their creations. While the writer’s choice of language consists of words, the software developer uses a computer language typically made of code. 

However, fourth-generation language (4GL) is an extremely popular option for many software developers as it closely resembles human language unlike machine languages (1GL) and assembly languages (2GL). When they prepared to develop the very first version of InstantGMP™ PRO software, our development team chose 4GL. Knowing that they would be collaborating with Quality, Manufacturing, Facility Design, and Packaging Experts, they determined that 4GL would be a more practical and accessible option for these non-programmers 

Of all of the 4GL-based software platforms available, GeneXus’ platform proved to be the most innovative and flexible. These benefits offered our team greater freedom when developing our software products. Using GeneXus’ software proved to be the right choice as InstantGMP™ PRO software quickly became the industry leader soon after its release. 

Since our team achieved such remarkable success with GeneXus software the first time, they decided to employ the latest version when they upgraded InstantGMP™ PRO software. 

Detailed Design Specifications Verify Functionality

While the decision to apply GeneXus’s software should theoretically produce positive results, there is always a risk that this upgrade could cause a variety of performance issues. Our team had to be absolutely certain that this new InstantGMP™ PRO software upgraded with the latest version of GeneXus software worked properly. 

To ensure that the new version of InstantGMP™ PRO software was FDA-compliant, met its intended purpose, and had no installation or performance issues, our team had to confirm that each of the Detailed Design Specifications was functioning as originally intended. As the InstantGMP™ team is proficient in validation processes, they followed all procedures listed in the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP-5) compliance. 

Once our team confirmed that all Detailed Design Specifications were functioning properly and the new release was deemed GAMP-5 compliant, they knew that, once again, using GeneXus software to upgrade InstantGMP™ PRO was the right choice. 


Using the new version of GeneXus to write the next release delivered remarkable results. Our team developed a new version of InstantGMP™ PRO software that’s so advanced, it’s capable of launching more cutting edge features in future releases. Soon, our clients will be able to enjoy the benefits of mobile applications, more elaborate reporting, and additional advanced features with each new release of InstantGMP™ PRO. 

If your manufacturing facility is ready to benefit from the new upgraded release of InstantGMP PRO all-in-one software, please contact us for a live demonstration.