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InstantGMP MES

Manufacturing Execution System

All-in-one Manufacturing and Inventory Software Solution


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The InstantGMP Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software provides  visibility and control of  manufacturing processes

  • Saves time in creating and reviewing documentation
  • Improves production outcomes
  • Reduces errors
  • Optimizes user experiences
  • Ensures product quality, consistency and compliance.

InstantGMP MES software Properties:

  • Configurable
  • Workflow integrated
  • Cloud-based
  • Resource managing
Manufacturing Execution System
Manufacturing Execution System

The InstantGMP MES all-in-one cloud-based system includes:

  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR) – The EBR designs enable easy access, viewing, tracking  and updating all production, testing, and approval events in a product batch for quick completion. Configurability in both MPR and  EBR expedites making new and revised operations for a full product line.
  • Inventory Management System – Inventory Management traces, monitors and records the complete inventory process end to end.  Critical material usage dates are easily tracked and managed, so that only approved, verified materials are used in production.
  • Room Log – This feature monitors activities (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, etc.) performed in the facility’s specific rooms. It comes complete with status codes and reminders so that room activity can be coordinated with production.
  • Equipment Log – This log schedules and monitors equipment activities, and maintains user manuals and warranty information. It has an Equipment Scheduler to create and manage periodic equipment care. This scheduler assigns responsibilities and notifies the right people about the progress of the work. Like the Room Log, this log coordinates with production and provides an ongoing servicing program to extend useful equipment life.


Manufacturing Execution System

Batch Production Records

Manufacturing Execution System

Master Production Records

Instantgmp Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Instantgmp Barcode Scanning Capability

Barcode Scanning Capability

Manufacturing Execution System

Bin Locations

Manufacturing Execution System


Manufacturing Execution System

BPR Field & Formula Configurator

Manufacturing Execution System

Scale Integration

Instantgmp Split Lot Receipts

Split Lot Receipts

Manufacturing Execution System

Scale Up Down Calculator

Manufacturing Execution System

QuickBooks Data Transfer

Manufacturing Execution System

Room Logs

Manufacturing Execution System

Equipment Log

Manufacturing Execution System

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