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Let’s take a look with everything new and updated with InstantGMP MES Version 2.053.001!

New Functionalities

  • New MPR and BPR workflow allows users to navigate between manufacturing instruction steps without scrolling on summary page.
  • New BPR functionality automatically checks for quantity used of material on each step for defined range.
  • Added option to Unlock “Locked” MPRs and make edits. Signature and comment log retained for that version.
  • Introduced Medical Device Manufacturing Industry nomenclature.
  • New Min and Max fields to set at the MPR manufacturing instruction steps calling for use of material part #s.
  • Smart fields for Min and Max on the BPR alert user to OOS addition of material.
  • New smart messages alert user to inconsistencies in the BOM and the manufacturing instruction steps with material part # use.


  • Signature for material use now included on the inventory traceability table in the BPR.
  • Inventory Value report now expresses conversion of values based on Cost entered at the material requisition screen.
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