InstantGMP™ MES v2.052: Information for Prospective Customers

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InstantGMP™ MES v2.052: Information for Prospective Customers

Thanks for joining InstantGMP for our new feature series, we
are excited to launch InstantGMP™ MES v2.052 with streamlined workflows, more options and
more smart fields! We have incorporated industry expertise, customer feedback
and new capabilities in order to make your job as a Quality Manager, Project
manager, Production supervisor or operator easier.

Specifications toggled off

InstantGMP™ MES v2.052 now features the option to circumvent material
specifications for industries not as stringently regulated by the FDA and new
businesses just learning the GMP compliance ropes.
  Enforcement of entering specifications can be
turned off so that your company can immediately start using InstantGMP whether
you have paper specs to transfer or you are in the process of developing
specifications for your raw materials and finished goods.

Users will have the option to have specs turned on at any
time in order to reap the benefits of added organization, traceability and
built in checks and balances.

Current users will enjoy this feature because ordering
materials, setting up projects and MPRs as well as batch issuance will not be
held up by materials missing specifications.

Auto-population of weigh tickets toggle

InstantGMP now offers auto-population of weigh ticket
instructions for operators.

InstantGMP™ MES v2.052 will automatically write preset directives into
the master manufacturing instruction steps based on the amount called for in
the recipe/Bill of Materials. For example, if we want the operators to weigh
out 500 g of lactose powder, we enter 500 g of lactose into the BOM on the MPR.
We select the part number for the lactose powder on the step where operators weigh
out the powder and the system automatically writes the action statement in the
Master record “Weigh out 500 g of lactose powder” These instructions are also
copied to the BPR.

Auto-population of material use data

We are really excited to roll out the auto-population of
weigh ticket data on the batch record.

Operators will see their inventory use automatically
populate the manufacturing step with vendor lot number(s) and amount(s) of
material used so that operators do not have to cross reference or remember
scale weights.