InstantGMP MES v2.052 Released

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InstantGMP MES v2.052 Released

Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc. announces the release of InstantGMP MES v2.052 with amazing new features

InstantGMP, Inc. added many great new functions and updates to their electronic batch records software to enhance their user’s experience.

“We are excited about the new master production record and batch production record features in our v2.052 release” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP.  “These represent our greatest advancements in making electronic batch record software easy to use.”

New Functionalities

Personnel badges with bar codes can now be used for quick digital signatures system-wide use. A new workflows with a focus on using “Project” to coordinate multiple products, multiple clients and multiple uses under one function. There are now new “super” categories for Materials for GMP compliance. Materials are now classified as materials used in manufacturing or as materials that are manufactured.

Product Names are now easily defined based on industry standards for combinations material name, strength, and primary containers.

Master Production Record and Batch Production Record functions have been vastly improved. When users make a new Master Production Record that is scaled up or down from an approved version, the software automatically calculates the new quantities on the Bill of Materials and the amounts to be measured out in the manufacturing steps. There are new options for more status control where Master Production Records can be designated as in-process, locked, rejected, or approved.

Batch Production Record statuses now include: generated, issued, in-process, locked, reviewed, and added to inventory. When inventory is called from a Batch Production Record manufacturing instruction, the program automatically tallies the amounts used and documents the raw material information such as vendor lot numbers right in the batch record.

InstantGMP™ Vape has been completely redesigned for companies that produce e-liquids.  The automated workflows make it even easier to produce e-liquids using Good Manufacturing Practices.

About InstantGMP

InstantGMP, Inc. develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and SOPs that reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices. These software systems were developed to meet standards specific to the pharmaceutical industry and were recently updated for the Dietary Supplement and E-Liquid industries. Please visit the Resource Center at for articles, and our Video section for tutorials on using our software or to view our GMP compliance series.