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In the newest version, InstantGMP MES v2.052, we’ve added a multitude
of new features and updated existing ones to make them more efficient for

New Client Features

  • The Client menu is now under the Administration module and no longer on the Projects sub-menu. This allows for a user to input their client information much earlier in the process. Once the information has been filled in, the client’s company name will automatically appear in the Client list
  • When creating a Master Production Record, the client that has been selected when the MPR has been created will be associated with that MPR
  • In addition to changing the position of Clients, we’ve added some options to our Materials panel as well

There are two classifications of materials:

  • Materials used in manufacturing: raw materials, incoming WIP, and other
  • Materials that are manufactured: outgoing WIP and finished goods

Each classification has a different input screen and is
selected using a drop-down menu when being created. This allows for a greater
breadth of materials that can be created in the system.

For materials that are manufactured, we’ve added new fields
in the software for information. A user will be required to select the type,
input a material name, select the batch ID, and select the storage condition.
It is okay to leave the strength and primary container fields blank. These
product names will carry over to the Project module and MPR drop downs.

New Project Features

Multiple products can now be tied to
one project. Each product name can be used multiple times within a project,
however, each product name and suffix must be unique in order to avoid
confusion. When adding a WIP/FG to a Project, any product name can be reused
but the name and suffix combination can only be used once. Multiple clients can
be tied to one project and personnel are selected at the Project level, but
with some changes:

  • All PMs & QMs are automatically assigned to a new project
  • Any personnel can be added to or deleted from the project
  • Any personnel can have more than role in a projectIf you’d like to learn more about our software solutions, click here to watch our online demo or contact us.
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