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InstantGMP MES v2.052.000

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the newest release, InstantGMP MES v2.052.000!

New Functionalities

  • Expanded badge signature capabilities to system-wide usage.
  • Added new workflows focused on project management functionalities, allowing for projects to include multiple products for multiple clients with multiple user access controls under multiple roles.
  • Added new Material Classifications to help employ naming conventions for incoming materials versus outgoing manufactured, packaged or labeled WIPs or finished goods.
  • Updated the definition of the Product Name, which now includes a Material Name, Strength, Batch Unit and Primary Container and will be displayed as such.
  • Added option to “Reject” MPRs.
  • Added MPR status definitions for a clearer status control
    • In-Process
    • Locked
    • Rejected
    • Approved
  • Added new functionality and Rules for creating MPRs:
    • More rules for better Version control and traceability
    • More rules and more copy options for better control and traceability
    • Option for Automatic Scale up/down of recipe
  • Added ability to hide unused or superseded MPRs
  • Added sorting for hidden, visible, or all MPRs
  • Added new BPR status definitions for clearer processing control
    • Generated
    • Issued
    • In-Process
    • Locked
    • Reviewed
    • Added to Inventory
  • Added automated population of Bill of Materials Quantities to be used in BPR manufacturing instructions.
  • Automated population of material use data from the inventory screens to the BPR instructions with a list of vendor lots and total quantity of material used.
  • Added new Inventory Value Report.



  • Simplified Menu Navigation based on new workflows.
  • Improved MPR and BPR printouts.
  • Pared down auto filter drop down for authors to only include roles that can write MPR.
  • Increased level of detail on Vendor and Material traceability reports.
  • Changed Manufacturing date to transition from BPR’s “Issued” to “In-Process” when a Manufacturing Instruction is open for the first time.
  • Simplified change of roles for users with multiple roles.
  • Auto-assignment of PM and QM personnel to projects for better visibility and ease of use.



  • Access to attachments on Approved MPR’s Manufacturing Instructions
  • Some “Sort” and “Search” functions on the main screens are not working as expected.
  • Under certain conditions, if you changed your password and immediately logged out, you couldn’t log in again unless you reopened the browser.

Enjoy using InstantGMP MES v2.052.000!