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InstantGMP MES v2.050 will be available on May 30th and is chock full of customer-requested improvements in regards to Specifications and Batch Production Records.


The FDA requires that dietary supplement manufacturers include specifications for verifying the identity of incoming and outgoing materials. The latest MES update improves this process by providing filtering options and the ability to view all specifications information without having to change screens.

Filtering options include “Pending Approval”, “Approved” and “All”.

Specifications tests, safety data and signatures are all on one screen.

Batch Production Records

Batch Production Records include information such as the date a product was manufactured, the batch and production numbers, the name of the finished good or work-in-progress. InstantGMP improved upon this part of the program by adding the ability to order the records by time date stamp of the batch issuance, making it easier for operators to locate relevant batch records.

Other Improvements

The latest version of InstantGMP MES also includes a faster platform for generating traceability reports as well as improvements to the Quickbooks Data Transfer Tool and associated reports.

Full release notes are available for your review. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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