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InstantGMP MES v2.045 release notes are here! The new version includes streamlined workflows, added features, improved user interface and traceability, as well as fixes.


New Functionality


  • Material Data Import for large entries of new part #s
  • 6 on-demand Reports:
    • Vendor lot # traceability
    • Batch Production # traceability
    • Low inventory Levels
    • Stock in Quarantine
    • Current inventory
    • Equipment CAL/PM dates


  • Multiple Attachments for COA, test results, MSDS, etc. that can be accessed and/or updated (role dependent) on the Material Receipt, Material Status and Material Use screens
  • Automated Unit Conversions
  • Automated tracking of batch production use of raw material
  • Enhanced traceability for Vendor Lot numbers and Batch Production numbers with added columns on summary and other pages





    • Streamlined Manufacturing Instructions – improved user interface and automated data capture for results and comments


    • Search field visibility/nomenclature


  • Shelf life and Retest period now optional
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