InstantGMP Listed In The Top 10 MES Systems Internationally

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InstantGMP Listed In The Top 10 MES Systems Internationally

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The Electronic Batch Record (EBR) software Industry was the focus of a recent report published by QY Research. This in-depth market analysis of manufacturing execution systems reviewed the current trends, financials, historical data, market dynamics of the worldwide EBR software industry to identify its key players. InstantGMP™ is one of those industry leaders. 

InstantGMP™ is now in the company of renowned names such as MasterControl, LZ Lifescience, Sparta Systems and Werum IT Solutions Gmb on the worldwide list of Top 10 MES Systems.  

While it is an honor to be included on this list alongside many key players in the industry, it is even more gratifying to be recognized for the many unique ways our company differentiates itself. 

Our InstantGMP™ PRO is the only software that is:

  • Designed to be an all-in-one manufacturing and quality system
  • Affordable for small and mid-size enterprises
  • Focused on facilities that manufacture products using good manufacturing practices
  • Validated out of the box  

Below, we’ll focus on these specific points of distinction to offer a more in-depth overview of the value of InstantGMP™ PRO software.

InstantGMP PRO Is The Only All-In-One Manufacturing & Quality System

From its inception, InstantGMP™ set out to transform the MES industry by eliminating the reliance on using multiple pieces of expensive (and often incompatible) software to perform all the necessary processes that support Good Manufacturing Practices. 

To accomplish this goal, we developed InstantGMP™ PRO, our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system. With this software, pharma, dietary supplement and biotech manufacturers, developers, formulation groups, and researchers have the ability to: 

  • Ensure Compliance and Accuracy 
  • Create Master Production Records (MPR), Batch Production Records (BPR) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 
  • Access, Store and Secure Documents, 
  • Maintain Inventory and Equipment 
  • Train and Educate Operators
  • Track Material and Labor Costs

While some of the other systems on the list serve as either a dedicated manufacturing system or a dedicated quality system, they do not have the multifunctionality of our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system.

InstantGMP™ PRO is the only MES software that allows facilities to perform all of the required GMP processes without the expense and inconvenience of relying on individual software. 

InstantGMP PRO Is Affordable

One of the other key points of differentiation for InstantGMP™ PRO software is its price point. 

Most of the software on this current Top 10 MES list is designed and priced to appeal to the largest facilities in the manufacturing industry. While these systems are very impressive and solve many processing issues for these facilities, they overlook the needs of smaller facilities by commanding prices that are outside their operating budgets.  

Instead of following the path of the other industry leaders, InstantGMP took a more boutique approach to our software products. To level the playing field for these other manufacturing enterprises, our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system is made affordable exclusively for small-to-midsize manufacturers across the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, and biotech industries. 

InstantGMP PRO Is Designed For GMP-Compliant Manufacturing

In addition to being affordably priced for small-to-midsize manufacturers, InstantGMP™ PRO software includes multiple modules designed to support compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP), including:  

  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR) – This module simplifies the development-to-production processes for Master Production Records (MPR) and Batch Production Records (BPR) as well as provide greater quality control, improve workflow management, and increase safety. It does this via a user-friendly menu that allows operators to easily access, view, track and update the project synopsis, materials information, documents, testing process results, and manufacturing instructions for a specific MPR or BPR. 
    • Quality Management System – A multifunctional module that supports GMPO facilities’ ability to perform all quality assurance activities and control documentation involved with data collection for deviation tracking, root cause identification, and investigations. The QMS allows operations to benefit from full compliance with all GMP regulations, increased quality assurance, and reductions in errors.
    • Document Management System Completely integrated within InstantGMP™ PRO software, this module lets manufacturers store, organize and secure access to every file, record and video associated with their production processes. Designed to link documents across various production processes, the DMS module allows users to quickly locate documents for review, updates and approvals.
  • Inventory Management System Designed to ensure accuracy, quality, profitability and compliance, the IMS module enables GMP facilities to trace, monitor and record every part of the inventory process from ordering materials to the production of finished products. Its interface grants inventory and production process personnel access to real-time inventory data for accurate material traceability and production control. 
  • Learning Management System A collaboration between InstantGMP and cloud-based training platform, this module improves training and onboarding initiatives by assigning specific coursework (training videos, quizzes and tests) to the respective individuals. All test results and certifications are uploaded in employee files upon successful completion. 

Through these and other beneficial modules, InstantGMPTM PRO helps GMP facilities succeed in every step of the manufacturing process and remain compliant. 

InstantGMP PRO Is Validated Out Of The Box

The last major difference between InstantGMPTM PRO software and that of the other industry leaders, is that our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system has built-in validation. 

Besides being extremely expensive investments, many of our competitors’ software is not guaranteed to perform as intended right out of the box. Before it can be deployed, their software must be validated to ensure that it is successfully installed, meets all user requirements, and adheres to FDA regulations. This practice often requires the use of a third-party validation service which typically costs upwards of $500,000. 

InstantGMPTM PRO’s built-in validation feature relieves GMP facilities of the financial strains and production disruptions associated with third-party validation services. Unlike other systems, our software includes quarterly validation in the total purchase cost. By offering validation as part of the complete software package, InstantGMPTM gives small-to-midsize manufacturers the benefit of an affordable MES without system disruptions and compliance issues. 

InstantGMP is honored to be included on the Top 10 MES Systems List alongside so many renowned manufacturing software industry leaders. However, we are even more excited that our software has been recognized for the value it offers to an audience that is often overlooked by the industry: small-to-midsize GMP manufacturers. 

If you are associated with a GMP manufacturing facility that wants to enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one manufacturing software system, please, contact our team today for a demonstration of InstantGMP™ PRO – one of the Top 10 MES Systems in the world!