InstantGMP™ INV, First Affordable Cloud-Based, Validated cGMP Inventory Management Software

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InstantGMP™ INV, First Affordable Cloud-Based, Validated cGMP Inventory Management Software

Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc. is announcing the release of InstantGMP™ INV, the first affordable cloud-based, fully validated cGMP inventory management software system for manufacturers regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that also complies with 21 CFR Part 11.

InstantGMP™ INV fulfills a need for manufacturers within the FDA regulatory sphere that must adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) but do not wish to move from their current batch documentation system and need to manage their inventory affordably.

The software, was designed by pharmaceutical industry experts to help manufacturers keep tight controls on their materials while also improving organization, overall quality, and consistency of products, and to create complete traceability.

Cost-Efficient cGMP Inventory Management

InstantGMP™ INV does differ from other versions offered by InstantGMP, Inc. Built specifically for material management with Warehouse manager and Warehouse Operator roles, training time is minimal and affords small companies a way to get their foot in the cGMP compliance and cutting-edge paperless manufacturing doors. With centralized requisitions, specification control, partial receipt, split lot capability, and digital signatures, InstantGMP™ INV saves time and overhead on plant-wide material management activities.

The software is the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking to take advantage of a cloud-based platform without having to completely move from their current quality system. It is also a great fit for companies that have modest budgets or are not involved in manufacturing. Holding and Distributing companies must comply with GMPs and would benefit from using InstantGMP™ INV.

Upgrade, Customization, and Integration Ready

InstantGMP™ INV users can seamlessly upgrade to the full version of InstantGMP™ software and access additional roles, equipment, room logs, and, of course, InstantGMP’s robust electronic Master and Batch Records.  The software is streamlined and easy to use, making integration and customization projects quick and affordable. InstantGMP™ INV is streamlined, making it a desirable software solution for companies needing to comply with GMPs.

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the brain child of Dr. Richard Soltero. Dr. Soltero created InstantGMP™ INV because he discovered a market need for a cloud-based cGMP software system, but through experience, he realized that the move to complete electronic batch records can be cumbersome for many companies. This software bridges that gap with an affordable inventory management software system.