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InstantGMP, Inc. Releases California Cannabis Annual License SOP Set

InstantGMP, Inc., the developer of the affordable all-in-one California track and trace software, InstantGMP TNT™ recently released a unique set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for applicants of the California cannabis annual licenses. Not only has this set assisted companies with successful applications but also laid the foundation for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – a  fantastic, leverageable differentiating factor in a competitive market.

Written from the source documents from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) regulations, the CDPH standard operating procedures contain not only the required policies and procedures but also include value-added benefits. By adopting the CDPH SOPs, companies become:

  • Familiarized with GMPs
  • Empowered through tailoring the templates to their specific needs
  • Avoid the cost of a pricey consultant

The CDPH SOP set comes comprised of documentation that covers the core requirements of an Annual License Application:

  • Inventory Control Plan
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Transportation Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Waste Management Plan

Beyond the minimum SOPs essential to a license application, the set features 34 broader CDPH-sourced documents. Additionally, InstantGMP, Inc.’s California Cannabis set contains more encompassing, and GMP reinforced SOPs. For those looking to take their business to the next level and avoid navigating the complexes of the track and trace requirements, the California set comes included with the purchase of an InstantGMP™ TNT software license.

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the creator behind the affordable all-in-one batch and quality management software, InstantGMP™, available across several different industry verticals; including biopharmaceuticals, biotech, cannabis, CBD & hemp, dietary supplements, e-liquids, and medical devices. The software is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero, pharmaceutical veteran, and quality extraordinaire. InstantGMP, Inc.’s focus is developing software for products that are regulated by the FDA.


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