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3/19/18 Cary, NC – InstantGMP, Inc., the developer behind InstantGMP™ Batch Management software, announces added capabilities to a classic software feature that focuses on achieving complete facility connectivity through integrated room logs. This update provides manufacturers and processors with the ability to achieve interactive control of a facility’s role in production, such as “Clean Rooms” to improve batch quality.

Making the Clean Room Smarter

InstantGMP™ continues to expand its immersive software to encompass more aspects of manufacturing and quality control. Like the enhanced equipment logs, users can connect facilities and rooms to structured workflows to further entwine rooms and production records. Through the updated facility and room records, companies can:

  • Schedule and automate facility and room related tasks such as daily, weekly and monthly cleaning
  • Automatically send email reminders for upcoming task due dates
  • Control the availability of rooms based on several pre-production factors such as status
  • Effortlessly change room statuses
  • Add layers of traceability for production activities in rooms
  • Take advantage of time-reducing digital signatures
  • Employ complete integration with InstantGMP™’s Document Management System, Master Production Records, and Batch Production Records

Enjoy an unparalleled and personalized experience with InstantGMP™ software through next level integrated room logs. Along with the popular Implementation Package, facility monitoring adds more opportunities to the blueprint for success.

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP™ is an innovative, interactive, affordable, compliant software that organizes and manages manufacturing processes with the goal of improving batch quality and consistency across several different industry verticals including biopharmaceuticals, biotech, cannabis, CBD & hemp, cosmetics, dietary supplements, e-liquids, kratom, and medical devices. The software is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero, pharmaceutical veteran, and quality extraordinaire. InstantGMP, Inc.’s motto is, “We Support your Quality!”

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