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12/8/2018 Cary, NC – In June of 2018, InstantGMP, Inc. launched the first of its kind grant, the Greenfield Grant, for startups in Cannabis processing, CBD, and Hemp to help companies hit the ground running with batch and quality management software, InstantGMP™ TNT, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and expert-led companywide roll-out.

The prizes offered in the Greenfield Grant assist companies in gaining a competitive edge through increased brand trust, poising startups for operational scaling, setting the standard for compliance with state compliance regulations, and for those seeking additional capital, providing an action plan for investors.

Setting the standard

The challenges that new startups face when trying to get in on the green rush include navigating the complex regulations and etching out a brand identity to capture a share of consumers in such a fiercely competitive market. Some of the last things on entrepreneurs’ minds are how to implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), as well as how to manage batch quality best.

With the Greenfield Grant, InstantGMP, Inc. takes the lead so that companies can focus on building their business. Dollar Dose, a Santa Cruz-based producer of cannabis-infused lozenges, was named the winner of the 2018 Greenfield Grant. In winning the grant, Dollar Dose is the recipient of California-specific solutions, including SOPs created to comply with California’s recreational cannabis market regulations.

Said Dollar Dose founder Jason Freeman, “On behalf of our team, I want to thank InstantGMP, Inc.’s Greenfield Grant committee for honoring Dollar Dose with its 2018 Greenfield Grant for New Cannabis Manufacturing & Processing Startups. InstantGMP™ TNT software will greatly enhance our quality assurance, tracking, and documentation efforts, and we can’t wait to implement it.”

Having claimed its niche of the market, Dollar Dose needed a state-of-the-art batch tracking, document, and inventory management program. InstantGMP, Inc. and Dollar Dose are primed to set the standard for product quality, compliance, and traceability for California’s recreational cannabis market.

Looking Ahead

The 2019 Greenfield Grant will open sometime in April. Those interested in learning more should contact Kelly Waters at

About Dollar Dose

Dollar Dose is a Santa Cruz-based licensed manufacturer and distributor of cannabis goods. Partners Jason Freeman and Daniel Thomas live by their mission statement, Anticipating the needs of moderate cannabis consumers, frugal shoppers, and people of modest means, our team works together to concoct and distribute the most delicious, convenient and thrifty dose of cannabis on the market for the very best price.” In a nutshell, “Low cost, low dose.” 

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the creator behind the InstantGMP™ software that is an affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality solution that has the goal of improving batch quality and consistency across several different industry verticals including biopharmaceuticals, biotech, cannabis, CBD & hemp, cosmetics, dietary supplements, e-liquids, and medical devices. The software is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero, pharmaceutical veteran, and quality extraordinaire. InstantGMP, Inc.’s focus is developing software that introduces and reinforces Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).  

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