InstantGMP, Inc. and CfPA Present: Electronic Batch Records: Benefits and Implementation Planning Online Training Course

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InstantGMP, Inc. and CfPA Present: Electronic Batch Records: Benefits and Implementation Planning Online Training Course

InstantGMP, Inc. and the Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) have collaborated on a course entitled “Electronic Batch Records: Benefits and Implementation Planning.”

InstantGMP, Inc. and CfPA have designed this course with cGMP manufacturing professionals looking to improve or enhance their process, traceability, and FDA compliance with electronic batch records in mind. This course invites professionals from a wide breadth of industries to attend.

Anyone involved in Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Medical Devices, Dietary Supplements, E-Liquids, CBD, and Medical Marijuana manufacturing is encouraged to sign up. Production, Operations, Formulation, IT, and Quality Assurance staff members should attend.

InstantGMP, Inc.’s own Gretchen Rizor, QA extraordinaire, has been tasked with leading this course. This 90-minute program is an accredited training course that will outline streamlining workflows and improving traceability for Production and Quality. Examples of electronic batches will be presented during this course, and attendees will identify and prioritize obstacles to implementation. Most importantly, attendees will learn the keys to success in championing the transition to EBR.

Mark your calendars: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (ET)! The course is web-based and broken down into three different modules guided by specific key objectives, followed by a review period with a quiz:

Module 1: Benefits of Implementation – Gretchen expounds upon the FDA’s view of electronic batch records and talks about the benefits of ditching paper-based systems. As part of hands-on learning, attendees will see how an EBR system handles hypothetical recalls of batches, scaling of batches, and digital signatures.

Module 2: Implementation-Readiness Obstacles – In this module, attendees will be exposed to common obstacles companies face when trying to transition to an EBR system. Attendees will learn the best practices of self-reflection and aid in performing a GAP analysis of their own processes as well as what is involved with making the transition.

Module 3: Key Objectives in Planning for a Successful Implementation – Finally, attendees will learn how to define their expectations for making the transition. Attendees will learn how to assist in departmental need identification and outline other analytical processes. This will ensure that future EBR champions know which features and functions to look for in a solution, how to plan resources, and how to prioritize making the shift.

The course tuition is $295.00/per person for a Single Rate and $245.00/per person for a Group Rate. Interested attendees should register by reading the full course brochure.

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InstantGMP, Inc. is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero, former Head of a Worldwide Research and Development Division for SmithKline-Beecham. InstantGMP, Inc. is a team of experts with big ideas dedicated to providing companies with turnkey cloud-based electronic batch records. InstantGMP™ was designed specifically for Pharma and Biotech and can be used to manufacture any FDA-regulated product. InstantGMP™ software has helped over a hundred companies automate production and more efficiently manage their compliance.