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Cary, NC: June 26, 2017.  InstantGMP, Inc. announces a remarkable technological advancement to its batch management software, InstantGMP™.

InstantGMP™, Inc. is the developer of the only affordable cloud based software that manages and organizes the manufacturing of products regulated by the FDA. This release features a transformative new feature called Dynamic Fields that give users an unprecedented ability to design and customize their own fields and formulas for use within electronic batch records.

Dynamic fields are used to add user-controlled fields and formulas into the manufacturing instructions. These can be used to create data capture fields, selection lists, error checking routines and in-process calculations. Dynamic Fields can enhance manufacturing processes by capturing critical control data in real time, by eliminating inefficiencies and by drastically reducing opportunities for operator error.

“Dynamic Fields are an unprecedented addition to electronic batch record software.” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP, Inc. “We are dedicated to reducing errors and increasing productivity in batch manufacturing and this new feature adds a whole new dimension to our application.”

About InstantGMP, Inc.

InstantGMP, Inc. is the developer of the innovative, paperless, interactive, FDA compliant batch management software known InstantGMP™. InstantGMP™ is the brain-child of former SmithKline-Beechem Worldwide Research and Development Head Dr. Richard Soltero. Dr. Soltero pioneered affordable, cloud-based Electronic Batch Record Software aimed at better managing and organizing the manufacturing of regulated products. In addition to software, InstantGMP, Inc. offers several sets of Standard Operating Procedures that manage all aspects of manufacturing.

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