InstantGMP, Inc. and Partner for Innovative, Cloud-Based FDA Compliant Solutions

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InstantGMP, Inc. and Partner for Innovative, Cloud-Based FDA Compliant Solutions

InstantGMP, Inc., the company behind the affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software solution InstantGMP™ PRO, announces a new partnership with learning management company  This collaboration will simplify and even automate crucial aspects of training and documentation for companies regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, making it much easier for companies to stay FDA-compliant.

According to InstantGMP President Richard Soltero, “Every FDA-regulated company is required to maintain good manufacturing practices (GMP), and that means three things: written standard-operating-procedures or SOPs, documented proof that the SOPs are being followed, and documentation that every employee is adequately trained. Our new integration with makes the process dramatically easier for smaller players with limited in-house resources.”

With this new partnership, the Learning Management System (LMS) will work with the InstantGMP training activities, so that companies can easily obtain documentation regarding employee training and remain compliant.  This partnership offers automated curricula with on-line training that, when completed, automatically updates the employee’s training log and certifications.

The Learning Management System (LMS) allows training to be done on-line in a predefined sequence that can include quizzes, certificates and automatic updates to a user’s training log.  The LMS organizes training activities so users can access training either on-line via e-mails or from the InstantGMP platform.  Users can also create documents, equipment, and/or batch records needed for training in InstantGMP. The LMS provides autonomous processes that keep training activities moving on their own to maximize the user’s training experience while minimizing the overhead needed to keep everyone’s training up to date.

The main benefits of this new partnership to improve compliance are (1) automated training on Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs, and (2) the ability to verify that operators are trained before starting a specific manufacturing process.  InstantGMP provides 100+ standard operating procedures covering procurement, inventory management, quality management and manufacturing, and companies can add their own specific SOPs. 

This new collaboration helps keep everyone up-to-date with SOPs in a seamless and efficient way, even new staff.  With InstantGMP and the LMS, supervisors can create training assignments that are automatically assigned to new staff without requiring additional supervisor involvement.  New employees will need to complete the on-line training curricula in a specific order, in which quizzes and certificates ensure and document their progression.  Once the operator completes their training, their training log in the software is automatically updated to show they were trained, and their certificates are uploaded into their personal record, so that they can move on to production. 

About InstantGMP, Inc.

Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Richard Soltero, InstantGMP, Inc., offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software. InstantGMP™ is an FDA-compliant electronic manufacturing execution system designed for products subject to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations and FDA requirements.  The software organizes and manages production processes, benefitting companies by improving batch quality across several industries including biopharmaceuticals, biotech, CBD, dietary supplements, and medical devices.  Designed by industry experts, the electronic batch records software makes it easy for firms to use master production records and batch production records in a system that automatically enforces cGMP compliance.

About Enternar.Se is a cloud-based training platform that endeavors to be the leading Learning Management System (LMS) in Corporate, Continuing Medical Education, and Adult Education and training.  With over a decade of experience delivering trainings to hundreds of thousands of people in companies from all industries, allows companies to deploy effective and impressive training presentations without breaking the bank.

Since 2009,’s cloud-based platform has created over 2,500 curricula, engaging over 40,000 new learners and assigning over 250,000 Credit Hours.  It is a complete solution for any company that needs to educate or train with an Archived and Live (synchronous/asynchronous) Training Platform​​.

Entrenar’s LMS requires no software installation since it is Cloud-Based.  A unified platform with multiple solutions, the LMS can be used for both curriculum creation and reporting.  The LMS can create Content and Training Materials; Learning Paths; Quizzes, Surveys, Forums, and Certificates.  The LMS can share notifications and outcome reports.  Users can benefit from’s reciprocal learning ecosystem and maximize their effectiveness in the learning process.