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InstantGMP™ Transforms Manufacturing with Equipment Integration

Cary, NC – InstantGMP Inc., creator of an Electronic Batch Record system, InstantGMP™ MES 3.0, announces the release of a new feature that connects equipment on the production floor with its cloud-based software.

The feature is aimed at helping companies that use InstantGMP™ MES to take their compliance and quality to new levels by accurately capturing weights and measurements of ingredients as well as to reduce or eliminate errors during production.

“Integrating with scales is only the beginning for our proposed software development road map” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP, Inc., “We plan to accommodate more types of production equipment in the near future”.

The scale integration feature works by using a proprietary protocol to allow the equipment to send data to the electronic batch record and is complemented by use of barcode labels. A barcode label on the material that is being weighed is first scanned. Next, a barcode on the equipment is scanned and the weight is recorded. Then the operator scans his Badge label. The unique Receipt number of the material, the equipment identifiers, the actual weight, and a digital signature/time-date stamp of the operator is then automatically entered into the software as an electronic weigh ticket. This ensures an error-free transaction that radically simplifies the weight-recording process.

After noting the weight in the batch production record, the software deducts the weighed amount of material from inventory in real-time, creates a record in the equipment log, and tracks the ingredient’s historical use for better traceability. As a result, manufacturers will be able to improve their overall consistency and efficiency of produced batches. The data becomes part of the Electronic Batch Record that is the cornerstone of InstantGMP™ software.

As InstantGMP™ MES 3.0 becomes more sophisticated, the sky is the limit when it comes to cloud-based software integration with manufacturing equipment. InstantGMP™ has set its sights on transforming the overall manufacturing process for companies by simplifying the necessary steps for high-quality batches and embracing the integration of “smart” (automated technology-aided operations) batch production.

As technology becomes more integrated into daily life, InstantGMP™ sees the opportunity to merge existing solutions and automate GMP production and documentation thereof so that work can be as cutting-edge as the rest of our lives!

About InstantGMP™

InstantGMP™ Inc. is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero. Dr. Soltero designed a cloud-based Electronic Batch Record software while working in Pharmaceutical R&D in an effort to demystify cumbersome regulations and make manufacturing with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) more accessible to small and medium-sized companies. InstantGMP™ offers software packages for different industries, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Process Consulting.

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