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How InstantGMP Systems Support Cannabis Production in Canada

Canada is the first of the G20 nations to legalize cannabis countrywide. Not only has this generated significant revenue (GDP as of 6/2023 C$10.8 billion), but it has provided an example for managing cannabis to the rest of the world. Legalization (The Cannabis Act (C-45) of October 17, 2018) was intended to allow strictly controlled production and consumption, while diminishing the underground trade.

By the first half of 2023, more than 70% of the total value of cannabis consumed in Canada was from a legal (licensed medical and non-medical) source, an increase from 22% in the fourth quarter of 2018, when legalization had just begun (1)

C-45 applies to the following Cannabis classes: plants, dried or fresh cannabis, edibles, extracts, and topicals.  End use is both medical and recreational.

An important part of the industry control is the actual regulation of cannabis.

While regulations about cultivation and retail sales are beyond our scope, InstantGMP provides many capabilities that directly address the GPP requirements of the production of cannabis products.

Here are some examples:

  •  SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) ensure that procedures are consistently done; our Full Set covers production SOP’s end-to-end
  •  EDMS   (Electronic Document Management System) Our Document Manager secures and versions the SOP documents and other files supporting cannabis production.
  •  Training Log coordinates and tracks training and retraining of the QAP (Quality Assurance Person) and other user roles
  •  Room Log shows room status for use and records service events and related reports as required. Controls potential for cross contamination in production facilities.
  •  Equipment Log shows equipment status for use, and creates, records, and reminds service tasks to key personnel. Controls potential for cross contamination with equipment cleaning management
  • Learning Management System builds a set of curricula for training using a wide variety of resources and extends the Training Log
  • Inventory Control tracks all material status and activity in real time
  • MPR/EBR/MTO-EBR (Master Production Record/Electronic Batch Record/Make to Order EBR) These operations track all the activities in the production and packaging of cannabis products, including test batches
  • Preventive Control Plan formatting—The InstantGMP is designed to connect  key PCP operations in our system, including
  • Material specifications
  • Inventory status and management
  • Room and equipment logs
  • Deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) and other Electronic Quality Management System ( EQMS) workflows
  • SOP’s and other applicable documentation
  • MPR/EBR brings these all together with user instructions. Easy, traceable versioning and configurability for amended plans

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