How Does Make to Order Batch Record Software Make MPR Creation Easier?

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How Does Make to Order Batch Record Software Make MPR Creation Easier?

Manufacturing supervisor with laptop creating a Make to Order Batch Record using InstantGMP PRO software.

As the foundation for good manufacturing practices, a Master Production Record (MPR) defines the necessary steps manufacturers must take to produce everything from pharmaceuticals to dietary supplements. It’s the manufacturing process equivalent of an instruction manual for assembling a piece of office furniture, a recipe for baking a cake, or the directions for a road trip. Not to be confused with a Batch Production Record (BPR), which records the steps taken in the production process, MPRs, when followed to the letter, ensure consistency, quality, and safety every time a corresponding product is manufactured. Before any product can be produced, an MPR must be created. After all, you can’t do what you want to do until you know how to do it. But finding the answers that will be used to create an MPR is a very complex and time-consuming process. That’s where InstantGMP™’s new Make To Order Batch Record feature in our Instant GMP™ PRO software can help make your build and Master Production Record documentation processes more flexible, configurable, and efficient!

What Does It Take To Make an MPR?

The process of creating a Master Production Record is just as involved as the scientific process of constructing a hypothesis, testing it with experiments, and recording every bit of trial-and-error until success is achieved. Similar to that process, MPR creation begins with an idea from a customer that manufacturers must make a reality through the process of experimentation and testing until the required results are achieved. Much like the scientific process, there must be a record of every step taken, all materials incorporated, and a piece of equipment used in every experiment of the build process that will result in an MPR.

Notebooks were (and continue to be for many) the preferred method of recording every part of every experiment, while other manufacturers have made the switch to electronic notebooks or digital notepads for documenting their build process. Both of these methods are problematic for a number of reasons. Every time you start a new experiment, you have to start recording in a new notebook. And if your next experiment contains much of the same information, you have to write it by hand all over again in a new notebook. Electronic notebooks eliminate the need for numerous notebooks (and you can cut-and-paste shared info) but you still have to start a new recording process from scratch every time a new experiment begins – and continue to track, monitor, and store multiple digital files. No matter which method you choose to record your process, once you find the right answer, you have to manually transfer that information into a new document to create the MPR. InstantGMP™ took the best parts of these two recording methods, and developed a new module for our batch management software that eliminates the reliance on notebooks for experiment documentation—and lets you automatically create an MPR from your final record. It’s called the Make To Order Batch Records feature.

Make To Order Batch Records Make MPR Creation Easier

Always looking ahead toward creating the next new software solution (and improving existing solutions), InstantGMP™ decided it was high time that the methods for recording experiments and creating MPRs evolved. Electronic notebooks were a good first step but that method was still incredibly limited. Now with our new Make To Order Batch Record feature, you can record – and revise – your MPR development process on the fly. Instead of having to rely on a physical notebook or create a new file every time one experiment stops and another begins, you can simply make real-time changes in the Make To Order Batch Record interface.

Our Make To Order Batch Records software solution offers an array of user-friendly, highly efficient benefits including, drop-down menus that allow you to add or remove specific materials, measurements, and equipment to a step, the flexibility to add, delete or modify instructions, and even the ability to import information from an existing batch to use as your foundation. Now you can do anything you want, at any time, and in any sequence during the build process without having to write multiple documents over and over.

With Make To Order Batch Records on-boarding the system has never been easier! When manufacturers have existing workflows in place, conversions are difficult to conceptualize. Make To Order Batch Records allows users to experience the process flows for creating a Master Production Record and executing the Batch Production Records without having to version up records to make minor adjustments. Make To Order Batch Records allows manufacturers to dial-in their workflows. The versatility of this feature is ideal for new product formulations, tracking and tracing research and development processes, and converting and scaling to a Master Production Record!

Our Make To Order Batch Records feature also ensures greater accuracy with built-in safeguards such as prompts that notify you when steps are skipped or vital information is missing from a step. It also improves regulated manufacturing via the Instant GMP™ PRO system by streamlining Electronic Batch Record (EBR) creation (when MPRs are not required), integrating with electronic notebooks to easily incorporate ingredient and production step options, and converting to a “repeatable production mode” for MPRs. When your experiment proves successful, you can save your final record as the Master Production Record with a simple click of a button!

Those are just a few of the many benefits of our new Make To Order Batch Record feature. There is so much more this new software breakthrough can do for research groups, contract manufacturers, clinical supply manufacturers, formula and process developers, food and cosmetics producers, and other various formulation and development groups to make the build process and MPR creation more customizable, efficient, and accurate. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about how our Make To Order Batch Records feature can solve your document management problems, please contact us for a live demonstration.