How Can I Plan For Success With The Equipment Scheduler?

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How Can I Plan For Success With The Equipment Scheduler?

An image of equipment in a lab that uses a digital equipment scheduler solution for maintenance instead of logbooks.

Upon its arrival, InstantGMP™ PRO revolutionized the industry by eliminating the reliance on purchasing several pieces of expensive software to perform all the necessary processes that support Good Manufacturing Practices. With this all-in-one GMP solution, manufacturers, developers, formulation groups, and researchers could now ensure compliance and accuracy, store and secure all documents, maintain an accurate inventory, train team members, and perform all necessary GMP processes without having to navigate a sea of stand-alone software.

One of the most important, and popular features of our all-in-one software is the enhanced Equipment Log. With this log, manufacturers can list every piece of equipment used and stored in the facility, attach user manuals and warranty information to each item via the Document Management System, view and control the equipment availability, and schedule the day and date when a particular piece of equipment needs to be cleaned, calibrated or maintained. While our equipment log maximizes uptime and minimizes downtime between batch productions by providing a better way for manufacturers to manage their equipment, we believe there is always room for improvement.

Looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing Good Manufacturing Practices software solutions, our team tackled the challenge of developing the improvements and enhancements needed to take its equipment log to the next level by allowing it to automatically schedule necessary preventative maintenance and notify team members of due dates and status updates. Now, we’re pleased to offer the latest standout feature in our InstantGMP™ PRO software: the Equipment Scheduler.

How It Works

A new enhanced feature of our Equipment Log module, the Equipment Scheduler takes an existing Good Manufacturing Practices solution and makes it better. This new feature now allows you to automatically schedule calibration, cleaning, or preventative maintenance on any piece of equipment in your facility regularly via efficient, user-friendly pre-fill forms which include the following information: The name, type, and barcode of the equipment that needs service, the specific maintenance task that is required, the frequency of the task (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), the name of the team member assigned to perform the maintenance, the start and end dates for that task to be completed, and the current status of that particular piece of equipment. After the form is submitted, the Equipment Scheduler automatically sends email notifications to all relevant team members to begin the process.

Not Your Average Equipment Maintenance Scheduling Software

Updating our Equipment Log with the ability to schedule calibration cleaning and maintenance, and send notifications is a major advancement in our all-in-one software. In the past, you would need to invest in a separate piece of asset management software to add these tasks to your manufacturing process. Now, you can easily manage these steps with our existing software. While this is a major achievement, it’s not the only benefit of our Equipment Scheduler.

First and foremost, the Equipment Scheduler eliminates the need to rely on an individual or multiple team members to oversee the day-to-day operations associated with calibration, cleaning, or preventative maintenance scheduling. Once a repeating task is entered into the system, the Equipment Scheduler acts as the manager and tracks the entire process to avoid any errors and inefficiencies.

Automatic email notifications ensure consistency and reduce the possibility of any critical activity being overlooked. If for whatever reason, a team member fails to perform the required task, the log automatically changes the status of the equipment associated with that task and flags it as unavailable.

As it’s fully integrated with every module in our InstantGMPTM PRO software, the highly visible Equipment Scheduler provides greater transparency across every part of the manufacturing process. Operators can see when and where every piece of equipment is available during batch manufacturing to maximize productivity and minimize any disruptions to the processes.

When we introduced our Equipment Log feature in our InstantGMPTM PRO software, it moved the manufacturing industry away from the days of physical logbooks and into the future of electronic management. Knowing that software, like everything else, must evolve to stay relevant and beneficial, we looked for ways we could improve this feature to better serve our customers. With the new Equipment Scheduler feature, facilities can not only log their equipment, but they can also automatically set a timetable for frequent calibration, cleaning, and maintenance, track the progress, take real-time action if a deviation occurs, and view the equipment status throughout the entire manufacturing process. Having the Equipment Scheduler oversee this part of the process helps increase efficiencies, reduce disruptions, and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Please contact us for a live demonstration to learn how your organization can benefit from InstantGMPTM PRO software and the new Equipment Scheduler feature.