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Haus Bioceuticals Creates Quality Products with InstantGMP

Cary, NC – Haus Bioceuticals, a pioneer in natural medicine development, began using InstantGMP MES in concert with its full Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in April 2013. “We had a brand new facility and used InstantGMP as a pillar,” says Adam Payne, COO of Haus Bioceuticals. “We wouldn’t have been able to start our own nutraceutical production facility if InstantGMP hadn’t been available.”

InstantGMP’s modular system allowed Haus to manage a GMP-compliant facility without spending considerable time on major customization. The complete set of SOPs eliminated the timely and costly process of writing new ones. Haus was able to begin production on a faster timeline than others in the industry while also implementing Good Manufacturing Practices from the start. “InstantGMP’s excellent training and responsive support staff made for a helpful experience. Without them, implementing all quality systems, including GMP, would have been frustrating,” Payne added.

Quality Takes Time
Creating a quality product takes time and effort, but consumer safety and satisfaction is the ultimate
goal. “InstantGMP facilitates and mandates quality through production workflows,” says Payne. “The system requires that we be honest about what we need to do and how to behave in order to maintain quality. It’s human instinct to cut corners, but InstantGMP eliminates that and prescribes GMP in a meaningful way.”

About InstantGMP
InstantGMP, Inc. develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and SOPs that reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices. These software systems were developed to meet standards specific to the
pharmaceutical industry and were recently updated for the Dietary Supplement industry. Please visit the Resource Center at for articles, videos, and tutorials on GMP compliance.

About Haus Bioceuticals
Haus Bioceuticals develops natural medicines using an evidence-based approach. Their products contain only natural organic ingredients and were developed utilizing rigorous scientific standards. This includes the MetaDerm family of herbal-based treatments for chronic inflammatory skin diseases and the UltraCür family of curcumin-based nutraceuticals for the reduction of systemic inflammation associated with joint and connective tissue disease. View their product catalog at