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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for New Client- Pharma Resource Group

An operator performing preventive maintenance on a mixing tank at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

CARY, N.C. April 18, 2023 – As the leading innovators of manufacturing software solutions, InstantGMP™is dedicated to constantly improving our products to provide new features that make the reinforcement of good manufacturing practices (GMP) even more complete.

This dedication to innovation and product development makes our software the perfect good manufacturing practices (GMP) An operator performing preventive maintenance on a mixing tank at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.solution for our newest client, Pharma Resource Group (PRG).

Since 2007, PRG has established a stellar reputation as a leading provider of first-rate pharmaceutical support services for complete projects or individual parts of the product development and manufacturing process.

With its reputation as an industry trailblazer, PRG recently opened a state-of-the-art, current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and ISO-9001 certified Innovation, Product Development, and Commercial Manufacturing Center in Pennsylvania.

With this new initiative, PRG pledges to support innovators, entrepreneurs, and small-tier and start-up companies. Giving them access to its expert employee base, flexible project solutions, and the ability to develop and produce their products in a commercial-grade manufacturing facility.

As PRG is dedicated to supporting individuals and companies looking to turn their ideas into market-ready products while adhering to all GMP standards, InstantGMP provides software solutions to industry innovators like PRG that allow them to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

With the latest release of our InstantGMP software, PRG and its clients can benefit from our latest innovative features that offer an array of manufacturing process innovations, such as greater control over batch record development and creation, reduced operator errors, and enhanced data security.

First, we introduced a new Lock Steps feature for our Batch Production Records. With this feature, manufacturers have the ability to define the exact stop and start points in production. The advantage of this feature is that it prevents an operator from moving forward with the next step in the production process until the previous steps are completed successfully. This not only gives the manufacturers greater control of their processes, but it also prevents an operator from getting ahead of the proper process, which in turn eliminates errors.

This Lock Step feature is especially beneficial when used in conjunction with our Make To Order Batch Record feature. A more efficient, flexible, and configurable method for recording the build process of a new product, this innovative software feature lets manufacturers and developers make real-time changes and adjustments to their experiments. By doing so, they add or subtract steps on the fly to ensure each step is working properly.

Once the entire manufacturing process is captured accurately, the Make To Order Batch Record feature allows the manufacturer to automatically create a Master Production Record from the finished experiment with a simple button click. This lets the manufacturer lock the defined steps into a recurring master batch record to ensure operators complete all predecessor steps during production.

Enhanced cybersecurity and functionality with encryption.

Additionally, To ensure our clients and their customers that InstantGMP™ PRO software is fully compliant with all  HIPAA, ePHI, and GDPR data management requirements, we have enhanced its cybersecurity protocols and functionality by encrypting all data.

With our Encryption In Transit protection, all information transferred across the internet to and from InstantGMP software is encrypted. Should the information be stolen while in transit, it will remain protected as the encryption key is only accessible by InstantGMP.

Similarly, in the event that InstantGMP’s database is hacked, the Encryption At Rest protection the feature prevents hackers from deciphering data since the encryption key is only available to InstantGMP.

PRG Feedback

“At PRG, we pride ourselves on supporting the next wave of innovators and industry leaders with the resources they need to turn their ideas into products that benefit the world,” said John P. Raech, Co-founder and President of Pharma Resource Group. “Utilizing innovative software that captures manufacturing, inventory, and quality data to improve processes, as well as offers great peace of mind through its data encryption features helps us achieve our goals.”

“Witnessing PRG and its clients transform concepts into reality is quite remarkable,” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP. “Knowing that InstantGMP software plays a part in their success is incredibly rewarding.”

To learn how InstantGMP software can benefit your business and support your clients, contact our sales team to request a demonstration.