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InstantGMP software includes inventory control tools such as supplier information, specifications, receiving and distribution. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the inventory functions we offer:

Where can I enter our own part numbers for raw materials? We do not want to rely on automated numbering in IGMP.
There is a field for “Material ID” on the TMaterial page for entering general material data; this field will carry along with the automated part number throughout the application.

Why does my finished good in inventory have a zero for a requisition #?
The finished good was never requested, and it was entered into the
inventory via the “add batch to inventory” button, so it does not have a
requisition number.

What if only half a shipment came in?
2 parts to this one!

  1. Create a new requisition for the part # and receive the new shipment with the same or a new lot number, etc.
  2. (If the lot number is the same and both
    split lots were received in the same day,) Go to the “Inventory Use”
    screen, select that receipt and enter a material use entry with a
    negative amount to account for the addition of more product into the
    receipt with the same lot number. Use the purpose field to indicate
    split lot receipt.





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