What is GMP for Dietary Supplement Inventory Control?

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What is GMP for Dietary Supplement Inventory Control?

Understanding GMP for inventory can be challenging for a growing supplement manufacturing company. InstantGMP is here to make GMP compliance easy for growing dietary supplement businesses while also providing you with accurate information on current Good Manufacturing Practices.

How does GMP apply to inventory?

  • Separation of raw goods and finished goods – In manufacturing, inventory consists of raw materials and finished goods. With a cloud-based MES system such as InstantGMP, as raw materials are used in the manufacturing process, inventory adjusts in real-time.
  • Instructions for handling sensitive material in inventory – Manufacturing in a GMP environment means that handling instructions for sensitive materials be available and adhered to at all times. For example, if a material must be handled while wearing rubber gloves, those instructions must be written and available to all employees that come into contact with that material.
  • Product labeling – GMP also dictates that all finished goods include a label with an accurate list of ingredients, instructions for use and warnings, such as “keep out of reach of children”.

Having Standard Operating Procedures in place for inventory controls can be helpful to manufacturing facilities of any size. See the full list of the SOPs available for purchase through InstantGMP and be on your way to GMP compliance!