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Regardless of industry, manufacturing is tedious. There’s plenty of opportunities for production to go wrong or have it come to a complete halt. The process is further complicated for companies within regulated industries or for those who wish to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Our Material Requirements Planning (MRP) feature is a must-have for any company and it comes as part of our cutting-edge affordable all-in-one manufacturing & quality software, InstantGMP™. Our MRP feature is a cog within an innovative software solution that includes electronic master & batch records, inventory management, quality management & document management.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Our MRP feature benefits companies because it:

  • Allows users to plan production
  • Calculates stock needed for production
  • Ensures materials are available for planned production
  • Stages materials for production
  • Links specific inventory within picklists to production
  • Updates real-time inventory levels based off of all activities within the software
  • Transfers a planned batch’s Bill of Materials (BOM) to purchase orders
  • Ties a vendor to a material to expedite the ordering process
  • Enables personnel to order and allocate stock to different locations, projects or picklists
  • Adds alert levels, reorder levels & lead times to the inventory low level report
  • Sends both an Alert Level Report & Recorder Level Report to select personnel as scheduled

Ultimately, our MRP feature unites all production planning & purchasing activities to eliminate incorrect inventory counts, inventory confusion, errors, duplicate purchase orders & production interruptions.

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