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The Picklist feature of our InstantGMP™ software has value for companies across all the industries we service because it allows companies to streamline inventory use – which is especially beneficial to companies with many SKUs. This feature works both for companies that produce their own products and for companies that manufacture materials or assembled components before sending them off for further production.

The Picklist feature is useful for companies regardless of whether production in done in-house, outsourced to a contract manufacturer, or the company is part of the supply chain like:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Packagers
  • Labelers
  • Assemblers

Our Picklist feature works in several different ways:

  1. Allows users to allocate materials or components for future batches within the Electronic Batch Record (EBR) module
    • Personnel can “pick” the inventory and reserve it for the batch to ensure that the materials are not used elsewhere
    • Inventory is tied to a specific batch
  2. Allows users to pick Inventory for other purposes like creating assemblies or kits

Picklist Benefits

  • A BPR cover page auto-populates with information from the MPR including picked items
  • Use of a barcoded scanner can be used to scan material labels & then record the weight to guarantee both the right materials & amounts are picked
  • Individual picklists are tied to a pre-production step called Projects that connects the picklist with a batch
  • Picklist overview screens keeps your team in the know
  • Users can add in their own production numbers for tracking
  • Users must apply their Part 11 compliant digital signature at every major step
  • Only QA approved inventory can be dispensed
  • Picklist items automatically transfer to the Batch Production Record (BPR)
  • The picklist checks inventory against the Bill of Materials (BOM) to verify that there is enough stock to avoid delaying production
  • As Materials are used in production, the Picklist provides real-time updates & dynamically stays up to date
  • Every Picklist item is tied to a Material ID, Vendor Lot, Receipt & Batch Number
  • Records are automatically created in the inventory history screen as items are dispensed
  • Dispensed materials have forward & backward traceability to the batches where they were used
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