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Setting up and maintaining efficient, streamlined Inventory Management in your manufacturing operation is essential for reaching quality and profitability goals. In regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, biotech, CBD and related industries, it is critical that the tools and processes you choose also help you manage compliance.

InstantGMP software sets the stage for your highest-quality process by bringing you a combination of powerful advantages in inventory management and organization:

All-team Access

Real-time inventory tracking is accessible anywhere, so Quality Assurance, Warehouse, and Production teams can route materials through their processes with accuracy and speed.

Real-Time Integrated Records

When you choose our software for your real-time inventory tracking, you’ll achieve uniformity and traceability of all inventory items at every stage—from ordering and receiving, to real-time use of raw materials, and distribution/sale of finished goods—elevating quality controls, as well as compliance measures.

Advanced Materials Control

Only approved materials are allowed to be used in batch lot production, reducing opportunities for errors and giving you more peace of mind.



Regardless of industry, manufacturing is a meticulous, detail-oriented process. There are so many opportunities for production to go wrong—or even come to a complete halt. The process is further complicated for companies within regulated industries or for those who wish to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Reduce Margin of Error – Streamline Production

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) feature built into InstantGMP all-in-one manufacturing & quality software unites all production planning & purchasing activities to virtually eliminate:

  • incorrect inventory counts
  • inventory errors and confusion
  • duplicate purchase orders
  • production interruptions.

With Material Requirements Planning you’ll be able to anticipate and link all steps in your process:

  • Calculate stock needed for production
  • Ensure materials are available for planned production
  • Stage materials for production
  • Link specific inventory within picklists to production
  • Update real-time inventory levels based off of all activities within the software
  • Transfer a planned batch’s Bill of Materials (BOM) to purchase orders
  • Tie a vendor to a material to expedite the ordering process
  • Enable personnel to order and allocate stock to different locations, projects or picklists
  • Add alert levels, reorder levels & lead times to the inventory low-level report
  • Send both an Alert Level Report & Recorder Level Report to select personnel as scheduled



The Inventory Management module within InstantGMP puts advanced capabilities into your team’s hands through easy-to-monitor and manage functionality in a common dashboard format.


  • Complete traceability through inventory history and digital signatures
  • Real-time status and use updates for all inventory
  • Searchable inventory by status, requisition/purchase order, and receipt records
  • Expiration alerts for out-of-date inventory to prevent expired materials from being used

Remove guesswork, missed steps and incomplete documentation with powerful capabilities including:

  • Inventory Picklist
  • Partial Receipts and Split Lots
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Scale-Up/Down Calculator

MANAGE materials, documentation and more:

  • Automatic numbering of unique part and receipt numbers for every item in inventory
  • Attach documents to received inventory, COAs, test results, and other documentation
  • Quality controls including Use by Date, Retest Date, and Expiry Date for each receipt of each individual material
  • Inventory allocation to Projects or Customers for enhanced management and organization
  • Import function to seamlessly load in inventory from a legacy system
  • Robust inventory control from a single Inventory Overview screen:
    • Change Bin Locations
    • Use inventory
    • Partially receive materials
    • Split inventory lots
    • Allocate inventory to projects
    • Change a material’s status
    • View complete history of inventory
    • Leverage barcode labels for time-savings and to prevent errors



The Inventory Picklist feature of our InstantGMP™ software streamlines inventory use for pharmaceutical, biotech, CBD and other related manufacturers—especially helpful as the need to manage many SKUs grows.

Reduced Time

Time and steps required to control, and trace inventory are slashed to a minimum because every item is tied to a specific Material ID, Vendor Lot, Receipt and Batch Number, in real-time.

Easy Access

Easy, fast access to accurate, traceable, real-time information benefits every part of the supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, packagers, labelers and assemblers.

Built-in Compliance

Production will run more efficiently and accurately because compliance functions are built right in.

  • Every Picklist item is tied to a Material ID, Vendor Lot, Receipt & Batch Number
  • Only QA approved inventory can be dispensed
  • While users direct activity, picklist ensures materials are not used elsewhere; here’s how:
    • Users allocate materials or components—or “Pick” the inventory—and reserve it for a future/specific batch, or for other purposes like creating assemblies or kits
    • Individual picklists are tied to a pre-production step called Projects that connects the picklist with a batch
    • Users can add in their own production numbers for tracking
    • And users MUST apply their Part 11 compliant digital signature at every major step
  • Picklist automatically transfers items to the Batch Production Record (BPR) and checks them against the Bill of Materials (BOM) to verify that there is enough stock to avoid delaying production; here’s how:
      • Picklist overview screens keep your team in the know
      • As Materials are used in production, records are automatically created in the inventory history screen, providing real-time updates & dynamically staying up to date
      • Use a barcode scanner to scan material labels and record the weight to guarantee the right materials and amounts are picked
    • Dispensed materials have forward & backward traceability to the batches where they were used
    • A Batch Production Record cover page auto-populates with information from the MPR including picked items



InstantGMP‘s barcode scanning function provides users with many ways to speed operations and significantly reduce errors that cost both time and money. Here are the most popular ways users integrate the scanning function into their processes:

  • Generate User ID badges
  • Sign electronically for key steps
  • Accept requisitioned materials
  • Add materials to inventory
  • Create material status labels
  • Update Material statuses
  • Record inventory use
  • Approve Master Production Records, Device Master Records, Device History Records, and Batch Production Records
  • Integrate equipment to streamline inventory weight capture during production
  • Change bin locations
  • Split materials into different lots

See the power of InstantGMP barcode scanning:



All InstantGMP software solutions allow you to scale a batch size up or down with the click of a mouse—particularly useful for those making custom batches, or if you need to change the batch size of an existing formula:

  • When the auto-populate Bill of Materials (BOM) option is checked, the program will automatically scale the amount of materials
  • The user can trigger the conversion by changing the theoretical batch yield when generating a new Master Production Record
  • Changes are reflected in the new Master Record, Device Master Record, Device History Record, and Batch Record


Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Batch Production Records

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Master Production Records

Instantgmp Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Quality Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Document Management

Instantgmp Barcode Scanning Capability

Barcode Scanning Capability

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Bin Locations

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management


Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

BPR Field & Formula Configurator

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Scale Integration

Instantgmp Split Lot Receipts

Split Lot Receipts

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

Scale Up Down Calculator

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Learning Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Management

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