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FAQ Friday: Material Specifications

InstantGMP MES controls all material specifications attributes by automatically assigning part numbers. Only approved materials can be used in Batch Production Records. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the material specifications component of the software:

Can I import Materials into InstantGMP?
Materials can be imported into InstantGMP MES or InstantGMP Vape. This is done on-time free of charge for 5 user (or more) systems of version 2.045 or higher.  Other earlier systems or customers with fewer than 5 users can purchase the download here. Instructions and a spreadsheet for downloads can be found here.

How do I add tests and methods to my specifications?
Initiate the record via “Add Material Specifications” and add confirm Before signing off on a material specification. Then go to “View Material Specifications” in the main menu and select the material from the list. Select the test tab and then the insert button. Select the tests and methods form the drop-downs and confirm. Go back to the general tab and sign off on the record.

Why is the material with Quality signatures for specifications not showing up in the selection list for product specifications?
Check that the material is in the list on View material specifications. If a Quality signature was received and the PM signature was not, that spec is locked in limbo. The system will not provide a link for you to create version 2 because it thinks version 1 is still being worked on. It will not allow the material to be used because it sees the PM signature is missing. A new part number for the material must be created.

Where did my material specification go?
Once material specifications are confirmed, with or without signature, they travel from the Add Material specification page to the View Material Specification page. The update arrow will allow you to add signatures and tests can be added either there (v 2.038 and later) or from the version hyperlink.

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