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Equipment Scheduler Now Included with InstantGMP PRO

An operator performing preventive maintenance on a mixing tank at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

As the leading provider of software solutions for manufacturers, InstantGMP™ is always looking for ways to enhance our products to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, provide greater accuracy and control, and ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new feature to the latest release of our bestselling  InstantGMP™ PRO all-in-one manufacturing and quality system: The Equipment Scheduler.  

What Is The Equipment Scheduler? 

A new component of our paperless Equipment Log module (which allows manufacturers to inventory all equipment used and stored in their facility, attach user manuals and warranty information to each item via the Document Management System, and view and control equipment availability), the Equipment Scheduler enhances this popular feature by allowing manufacturers to establish a preventative maintenance schedule for all facility equipment via a user-friendly interface with pre-fill forms. 

How Does The Equipment Scheduler Work? 

Once the pre-fill forms are completed and submitted in the system, the Equipment Scheduler establishes a timetable for the frequency of the maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc). Next, it delivers automatic notifications to the specific team member who is responsible for performing the required maintenance of the respective piece of equipment. Since the Equipment Scheduler tracks the status of the entire maintenance process, it has a built-in safeguard to flag a piece of equipment as being out of service if its maintenance deadline is missed. 

Benefits Of The Equipment Scheduler 

Prior to the introduction of our Equipment Scheduler, manufacturers had to invest in a separate piece of asset management software (or a physical log book) to perform these maintenance tasks as part of  the manufacturing process. Now, these steps can be easily managed with our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system. 

In addition to simplifying the equipment maintenance process, the Equipment Scheduler also eliminates the need for an individual or team to oversee the day-to-day operations associated with preventative maintenance scheduling. Once a repeating maintenance task is submitted, the Equipment Scheduler fulfills the role of a manager and tracks the entire process from beginning to end to provide greater accuracy and overall efficiency. 

The Equipment Scheduler’s automatic email notifications ensure consistency by reducing the possibility of any critical maintenance being overlooked. However, if an assigned team member fails to perform the required maintenance, the Equipment Scheduler automatically updates the  deviation log to change the equipment status and mark it as unavailable. 

Since it’s fully integrated with every module of our InstantGMP™ PRO software, the highly visible feature offers greater transparency across every part of the manufacturing process. It gives operators greater knowledge of equipment status and availability during Master Production Record development or Batch Production Record creation to maximize productivity and minimize disruptions and downtime.


To be the leaders in Good Manufacturing Practices software solutions, InstantGMP™ constantly evaluates our products and looks for ways we can make them even better. With our new Equipment Scheduler feature, facilities can establish a plan for frequent calibration, cleaning and maintenance, track progress, take real-time action if a deviation occurs, and observe the equipment status throughout the entire manufacturing process. By having the Equipment Scheduler fully integrated in our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system, facilities can increase efficiencies, reduce disruptions, and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices. 

If you’ve been relying on a separate piece of software (or manually assigning and documenting tasks in a physical log book) to maintain and document your preventative maintenance schedule, then now’s the time to make the switch to all-in-one InstantGMP™ PRO manufacturing software now enhanced with the new Equipment Scheduler. 

To learn more about InstantGMP PRO all-in-one manufacturing software and see a live demonstration of our new Equipment Scheduler feature, please contact our sales team today.