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InstantGMP Unveils Game-Changing Feature That Improves Workflow EfficiencyCARY, N.C. August 23, 2023 – InstantGMP™, a trailblazing software provider of affordable all-in-one solutions for good manufacturing practices, proudly announces the launch of its new User Dashboard feature. This innovative addition to their InstantGMP PRO™ software is set to redefine task management and operational efficiency for electronic batch record production and other manufacturing processes while exemplifying InstantGMP’s commitment to continually improving their software to be more efficient, intuitive, and productive.

In response to the evolving needs of manufacturers, InstantGMP PRO’s new User Dashboard takes center stage. Designed to empower individuals with a simplified and targeted view of their tasks, the User Dashboard is accessible through the “Home” icon at the top of the screen. This intuitive interface provides each user with a snapshot of their assignments within a selected date range, enabling them to transition from login to task execution seamlessly.

The User Dashboard’s impact is far-reaching, transforming the user experience from the moment of logging in. No longer will individuals be burdened by sifting through an array of assignments. Instead, the User Dashboard delivers highly focused insights, presenting only the current activities assigned to the user’s unique ID. This innovation eliminates confusion and boosts productivity by enabling users to embark on their tasks without delay.

Further enhancing its capabilities, the User Dashboard features a dynamic module menu that provides users the ability to choose specific modules – such as Batch Production Record or Equipment Log – and view only the corresponding activities. This tailored approach ensures that each user gains a comprehensive overview of their workload, resulting in informed decisions and seamless execution.

Beyond benefiting manufacturing operators, the User Dashboard extends its transformative capabilities to manufacturing supervisors. Through the “User” drop-down menu, supervisors gain access to an overview of an individual’s activities within a designated time frame. This proves invaluable in scenarios where an operator’s workload is at capacity or in cases of absence due to illness or vacation.

Incorporating this information, supervisors can readily reassign tasks to other operators, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and preventing delays or deviations. The User Dashboard helps supervisors make strategic decisions on resource allocation, further solidifying its position as a catalyst for operational excellence.

“At InstantGMP, we understand the pivotal role efficiency plays in modern manufacturing, especially during the electronic batch record process. The User Dashboard is our latest demonstration of that understanding, offering a game-changing solution to streamline task management,” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP. “This feature not only enhances individual productivity but also enables manufacturing supervisors to make informed decisions in real-time.”

“Our commitment to user-centric innovation drives every aspect of our software development,” Soltero continued. “The User Dashboard is a testament to our dedication to providing solutions that truly empower our users.”

InstantGMP PRO’s User Dashboard has set a new standard for operational efficiency and task management within the manufacturing sector. By providing users with a comprehensive snapshot of their assignments, streamlining task execution, and offering supervisors a bird’s-eye view of operations, InstantGMP continues to define industry best practices.

Discover the transformative power of the User Dashboard and experience a new era of manufacturing efficiency. To learn more, schedule a live demo with InstantGMP today!

About InstantGMP™, Inc.

Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Richard Soltero, InstantGMP, Inc., offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing, inventory, and quality software. The company develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and standard operating procedures specific to industries that are required to follow FDA manufacturing regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”).

As a manufacturing software company, InstantGMP™ pioneered accessible, easy-to-use electronic batch record software for products manufactured using GMPs. The Company’s updated software simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes that keep all quality documentation organized in electronic format while providing quality checks and workflow processes to make compliance with FDA requirements easy.

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