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E-Signatures and more in our new FAQ section

Do you have questions about E-Signatures and other topics? Get answers to your questions faster and more efficiently with InstantGMP’s expanded FAQ section! We added more questions in all categories including:

Master Batch Records and Batch Production Records

  • Why do packagers, labelers and holding companies have to have MBRs and BPRs from the manufacturer?
  • Where can I attach SOPs, spreadsheets, CoAs, etc?
  • Where can I enter by own batch record number?
  • Why can’t I make a Batch Record from the Master Record?


  • How should I map out my different material types?
  • What if we procure a specific material from multiple vendors?
  • Where are materials 1-146? Can I add my own legacy number?


  • My signature was not captured. What happened?
  • Why is the material with Quality signatures for specifications not showing up in the selection list for project definition?

Do you have a question that’s missing from the list? Contact us and we’ll help you out!